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Nakamichi Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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Nakamichi Bluetooth Speaker Review BTSP80

Are you looking for the perfect Bluetooth speakers? Have you ever been wishing to take your music with you everywhere you go? Nakamichi has brought you a Bluetooth wireless speaker that will suit you in all the different ways you would like to listen to your music.  Throughout this review we will be analyzing the Nakamichi Bluetooth speaker specifically the BTSP80 model. This device has just about everything you could need in Bluetooth speakers. If you are looking for a versatile Bluetooth device that can be used in almost any situation then you must look for the Nakamichi wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is specifically made to suit a variety of input devices including smart phones, music players, computers and tablets via Bluetooth. More than just a speaker you are able to make a call without a smart phone via the built-in speakerphone of the Nakamichi Bluetooth speaker by simply pressing the noise cancellation conferencing button. It comes with a built in battery which can be recharged through a USB port. The battery provides 6 hours of uninterrupted listening for both indoors and outdoors. Nakamichi’s speaker provides a deep ultra-dynamic sound almost anywhere you may need.

A quality portable speaker that doesn’t cost much and has many people like listening to music over in the house and outdoors. We believe that the Nakamichi speaker, sound quality is a great deal for the price. This little gray brick is a fantastic sounding speaker,its heavy and has a nice subwoofer built in for being such a small item.

It comes with a number of specifications which make it unique from other Bluetooth speakers. The device is silver/grey which is the most preferred color for most people. The color makes it look aesthetically pleasing. The built in rechargeable li-ions battery has a life span of about six hours when it’s fully charged. Its Bluetooth connectivity is very strong and can be detected from a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Nakamichi Bluetooth speaker

Price range: Mid Range – Check current price here


The Nakamichi portable speaker is made in such a way that sound is projected evenly to all directions. This is an important feature since it enables you to enjoy your music from every corner of the house. It also proves more advantageous if you are an outdoor listener since as you move about the music can be clearly heard.

The built in li-ins battery lasts for 6 hours when at full blast. You can alternatively expand the battery life by reducing the volume. ThisIs clear that this device is made just only for the beater half of the day when many are either bored at work or get an early leave from work

The device has a built in microphone which enables you to make a hand free call. This is another feature why most people prefer this kind of speakers. You don’t have to straggle to go pick your smartphone. Just sit and relax andNakamichi wireless Bluetooth speakers will do it for you.

The BTSP80 model comes with a USB charging station. When the power is almost depleted the speakers gives you a warning by either in audio form or even it can be a visual display. When you see the signal all you need to do is plug it into the wall socket and wait for about two hours until it’s fully charged.

Nakamichi wireless speaker


The Nakamichi wireless speakers are more durable compared to other kinds of Bluetooth speakers. The silver/grey color gives them a stain resistance ability which allows them to last longer. They can withstand outdoor usage and the accompanying heavy usage with little wear and tear. Bikers and climbers are just two of the many areas where we can say that enjoyed the durability of the offered with these speakers. Sometimes the speakers might fall from where they are placed due to the normal sound vibrations. The TBSP80 comes with a shock absorber which prevents it from damage.

The users were surprised by the sound the device could create compared to its 2.6in by 7 in by 3.15in. this is quite a small size kind of speakers to create such a blast. Its cost was also lower compared to the sound quality. This speaker is also crystal clear the btsp80 Nakamichi speaker projected clear and smooth sound at all volume levels.

Its long battery life compared to its multiple usages also proved it handy in times of a day of camping when power was scarce. In this case the battery life can be shortened by almost a quarter. Anyway, you don’t want your mobile phone going off at the expense of listening to music.

Areas that need to be improved on

In comparison to other Bluetooth speakers, the Nakamichi has proved somewhat less effective in times of a downpour. Since the  Bluetooth speakers are made for either indoor or outdoor use you can sometimes forget to take them in. In conclusion waterproof speakers would be more preferred by many.


Bang for you Buck:

We believe that the Nakamichi wireless speakers namely the tbsp80 model was a great value purchase.  For a mid-range price we believe that the Nakamichi speaker is a great option. Loaded with features and a crisp clear sound we found that very few users were disappointed with what this product had to offer.


The primary reason to why the tbsp80 were made was to enable one to listen to his music loud and clear. This goal was clearly met with this speaker as it was commonly seen in consumer reviews that this speaker offered some phenomenal sound quality.

In conclusion, we found the Nakamichi wireless Bluetooth speakers were appreciated by many users. Many said that they were friendly in terms of price and also proved to create loud clear music that they were looking for in a wireless speaker.

Its durability was mostly complimented by many hence it was preferred by many users. Buy a Nakamichi wireless Bluetooth speakers and enjoy music at the comfort of your couch.


Nakamichi speaker review

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