Omaker M4 Review | Speaker Authroity

Omaker M4 Review | Speaker Authroity

Omaker M4 Review | Speaker Authroity
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Omaker M4 Bluetooth speaker review

Overview: The Omaker wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great little piece of equipment that offering some great value for its cheap price. This cheap model has managed to offer some quality sound which has resulted in it becoming the number one selling outdoor speaker on amazon. Though this speaker is not exclusively for outdoor use as its waterproof capabilities allow for it to be a great shower companion. The Omaker is one of the few speakers online that managers to excel in multiple features while still remaining at an incredibly low cost. Don’t get me wrong this little guy isn’t going to be used for your home surround sound system but it has surprisingly good sound quality and sound output for a speaker that has incredibly low price tag.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • 12-hour battery
  • Splashproof , Shockproof , dustproof
  • 33 feet Bluetooth Range
  • Easily Portable


Public Opinion

The Omaker four has received extremely positive reviews which has been a major reason it has become the number one selling wireless speaker on amazon. The product  has received a five-star rating 69% of the time and received a rating four stars or higher 89% of the time. Due to the large volume of orders there was over three thousand reviews for us to go over to get a great understanding of how the consumers felt about the product.

Omaker M4 portability

The Good

  • BIG Sound – Reviewers often stated the surprisingly loud sound this little speaker could emit. The shower was often referenced as they found this speaker was easily able to overpower the sound of the residual noise made when taking a shower.
  • Easy Setup – Quite a few owners of this speaker stated the ease to which they were able to set this speaker up
  • “Bass is Crazy” – This quote came from one of the many users that were high on the bass capabilities of this speaker. A few even went as far to say this model’s bass played as loud as their Bose speaker.

The bad

  • No volume control on app – The majority of higher end speakers have volume control capabilities through their apps, something the Omaker doesn’t have.


Overall consumers seem to be very pleased with this ultra-portable speaker. The most common comments were by far and away referencing the sound quality and output offered by this speaker. Virtually every positive review (which was the vast majority) referenced the great sound output this speaker produced.

Bang for your Buck – This section is where the Omaker M4 truly excels. There is not a better speaker at this price that offers this level of sound quality and portability. There are better sounding speakers out there but at this price, the Omaker M4 offers some truly great value.


Verdict: Overall we found this Omaker M4 Bluetooth to be an excellent option for those looking for a quality portable speaker on the cheaper end. There is a reason that this is the number one selling wireless speaker on amazon and it comes down to the phenomenal value it offers. As we have repeated many times throughout this review the sound quality that this cheap device outputs is really quite incredible. If you what you’re looking for in a Bluetooth speaker is CHEAP, LOUD, and PORTABLE then this is the speaker for you.

Check the reviews out for yourself here!

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