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Oontz Angle Review

Throughout our Oontz Angle review we this small, portable device the packs a surprisingly large punch. Its smaller, portable design makes it an amazing choice for any situation. Bring it to your next pool party, picnic, or even a long car ride, and it is sure to keep you entertained for hours- without breaking the bank. With an unbelievably low price tag, this is a product affordable for anyone, and it really doesn’t get much better than the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker.

Price Range: Mid Range – 


  • Quality Sound- Don’t let its size fool you. This little speaker doesn’t mess around- it offers amazingly loud sound for its compact size, and won’t distort your music.


  • Convenient Design- With its unique triangle design, the Oontz Angle speaker is much sturdier compared to most ovular speakers that roll around when you set them down. Plus, you can stand it up or lay it on it’s side, and it won’t distort the sound or roll away.


  • Great Bass- If you’re someone who like to listen to music with heavy bass, then this is the speaker for you. The bass is so great in fact, that the manufacturer has informed buyers to place the speaker on it’s side while playing music with heavy bass to prevent the speaker from moving around. Now that’s strong quality sound!


  • Water Resistant- This versatile speaker isn’t afraid of getting a little wet, allowing users to finally take your music everywhere with you. Pool party? Check. Dancing in the rain? Check. Solo rock concert in your shower? Check.


  • Long Battery Life- With up to seven hours of playing time, this speaker is sure to last through any party or get-together.


  • Extremely Portable- Coming in at 9 ounces and 5 inches long, this speaker was actually designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, so there’s no limit to where you can bring it. It also fits perfectly in the cupholder of your car, so long road trips just got a whole lot less boring.


  • Long Range Connection- Offering a Bluetooth connection of up to 33ft away, this speaker provides the connection you need to be an amazing entertainer, while still keeping your phone right with you.


  • Built-in Mic- The built-in microphone allows hands-free calling whenever you need it.


Public Opinion

By gathering hundreds of consumer reviews on the Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker, we are really able to see what people are really saying about this speaker. We’ve analyzed the good and the bad to find out exactly what people are experiencing with this product, and what users and prospective buyers should expect. Here’s what we found.


The Good


Loud, distortion free sound

  • The most common remark that people made about this speaker was how loud it is. It can be heard clearly in every situation, and the sound does not distort when the speaker is at max volume.



  • Users were quite happy at how small and portable this speaker was. It’s small enough to fit in a cup-holder, and it’s light enough to carry around with you.


Stylish Design

  • In a world of ovular speakers, users were in love with the Oontz Angle triangular design, and thought it looked very stylish.


Long Battery Life

  • The speaker’s battery life works just as promoted, and many people commented that they were able to get even more than the advertised seven hours of playing time when they were using the speaker.


Easy Setup

  • This is evidently an extremely user-friendly speaker, as many users commented that it took mere seconds to set up, with no confusing buttons or features.


The Bad



  • Some customers complained that it would not hold its charge after a few months of use



Overall, an overwhelming majority of the customer reviews were extremely positive, rating the product five out of five stars  for all-around quality and ease of use. This unique product is easily one of the highest-rated speakers out there, most evidently for its surprising ability to play music exceptionally loud, while retaining a small and portable shape. From truck drivers needing a way to pass the time, to mothers of four looking to occupy her children, to teens looking for entertainment at parties, this speaker topped the charts in reviews, and hit every demographic imaginable. It’s simple enough to say that people are impressed with this wonderful little speaker.


Bang For Your Buck

Even with hundreds of portable speakers flooding today’s market, it’s nearly impossible to find one that provides quality sound for under $100. With a price tag that comes in well below the one hundred dollar price point, this unique speaker is almost too good to be true. Through customer reviews, it’s evident that this speaker is not only versatile enough to be great in every situation, but it will produce loud, quality sound time and time again. There aren’t many speakers out there that even come close to what this speaker can do for its incredibly low price.



Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s

Can this speaker be used in the shower?

  • Yes, the speaker is water-resistant enough to fulfill your shower, and pool party needs. Just don’t submerge it.


Is it available in other colors?

  • Yes, this speaker is available in black, blue, red, gray, and pink.




After considering all of Oontz Angle’s features, and the collection of customer reviews for it, we have concluded that this is one unbelievable speaker. It’s outstanding performance and portability come at a ridiculously affordable price. We’ve decided to give this speaker five out of five star rating based on the quality and value it offers to its users. Fashion forward consumers will fall in love with the unique design, music junkies will be amazed by the quality of sound, and party goers will be entertained all night long. This is a speaker truly designed to fit anyone’s needs, and it’s a speaker that would be a great choice for any of your entertainment needs.

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