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Oontz XL Review

The Oontz XL Bluetooth speaker is one of the most powerful extra large portable Bluetooth speaker produced by Cambridge Sound works. One can use this device to listen to music and videos wirelessly without any stress, just by connecting your Bluetooth device, iPad, smartphone, and even your laptop. Throughout our Oontz Xl review, we will discuss the exemplary features offered by this speaker and why we believe it is definitely worth its price.

Price Level: Mid Range-


  • Built in USB power bank – this can use to charge your phone while playing music or watching a video through your phone.


  • Built in microphone –This allows users of the Oontz XL to make hands free calls through the speaker.


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery – This allows  you to enjoy your music for up to 10 hours of play, and when charging your  OOntz XL Bluetooth Speaker it only take 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.


  • Easy and user friendly- Since you can only wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth  device in your phone, phone ,laptop and any other device using the 3.5mm audio cable.


  •  30 feet wireless Bluetooth connection –  You can connect and use this speaker wirelessly from a distance up to thirty feet


  • Saves Energy– The Oontz XL  will automatically turn off after 15minutes if there is no audio or video  being played in order to save the battery charge.


  • Bluetooth Compatibility –   This speaker can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth compatible devices for easy music play.


  • Affordability – This device can be bought by anybody at its affordable price and enjoyed through it’s good quality sound .


  • Durability – Splashproof,dustproof and sandproof,since it does not absorb dust, water or any other germs. Users of this speaker will not have to worry about the protection of this speaker.


  • Incredible bass – which you can feel, hear and even see on the speaker itself.

Public Opinion

In this part of the Oontz xl review,we analyzed on what the consumers think about this Bluetooth Speaker device. Here we are able to find out how our consumers use the product and their opinions about it so far.By following their reviews keenly, we get to know their good and bad thoughts about the product,as a way of expressing themselves. Here are some of their comments;

The Good

Oontz XL offers better sound than  other Bluetooth devices

  • Users are happy with how good this device sounds because of its built in speaker drivers.


Good user-friendly features

  • Especially the USB charging  connector for smart phones.Users remarked on the comfort they have by just having to connect a USB charger to a USB connector to charge their phones with ease.

Good battery life

  • Users were quite impressed by the Oontz Xl’s battery life which can last for more than 10 hours if properly conserved by the user.

Good Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Users commented  on how powerful this device can be even when its 30 feet away as compared to other Bluetooth devices.

Good appearance in shape and easy to use

  • Users seemed to enjoy the devices design saying its simple and smooth, making it look great.

Some users went to an extent of comparing the Oontz XL they bought from Cambridge Soundworks with other similar products from other companies,saying they can’t rate it with the following product;Bose Soundlink Mini,Beats Soundlink,Beats Pill by Dre,Sonos One and any wireless speaker from Lowe’s,all from almost the same prices.

The Bad


Reduced trust of Cambridge Sound works Brand

Due to previous Cambridge Soundworks devices inconsistency, some users swear not to buy anything from the company, though it is shown through consumers reviews that users who id indeed purchase this speaker were not upset.


All in all consumers of this portable speaker were quite pleased with the product. In  our analysis of Oontz XL speaker reviews, we found users were especially receptive of this speaker’s sound output and quality. Users were also quick to mention the ease of the setup and controls of this speaker.


Bang for your buck:

We believe that this speaker is a great value purchase for it’s price tag. With a multitude of features and some incredible sound quality and output we expect users of this speaker to be more than happy with their purchase.



In summary, the Oontz XL Bluetooth speaker is an incredible device to have. From the consumer reviews we analyzed about the product, they are thoroughly enjoying its capabilities. The Oontz XL is a great device to choose for good quality sound and a booming bass to blast your favourite tunes. In our research,  we found the majority of users are happy about the versatility of the product, when in or outside the house.


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