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Orange Bolt Speaker Review | Speaker Authority
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Orange Bolt Speaker Review

The Infinite X speaker is one of the most versatile speakers we have ever reviewed here at Speaker Authority. Loaded with features this speaker can be useful for just about everyone. Ultra durable and extremely portable this speaker is great for outdoor use. At a fairly inexpensive price we highly suggest this speaker to anyone looking for versatile Bluetooth speaker.

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1-year manufacturer warranty – This speaker comes with a full year warranty from the manufacturer as well as another year if you register this product online.

360 Degree sound – With boosted dual speakers this device projects sound equally in all directions creating a surround sound effect.

Multi Tough Protection – These speakers are extremely durable with a three in one protection. This includes an IPX4 waterproof rating, shock proof, and dustproof.

Built in Flashlight – The built in flashlight of this speaker can last for up to 120 hours of use in a single charge.

Micro SD Slot- This speaker has a slot in which users can input SD cards. This allows users to preload music playlists onto an SD card and play music through the speaker without using any Bluetooth devices.

Powerbank – This speaker has a power bank which allows users to charge devices like phones and iPads, making it perfect for situations in which users are left without power.

30 Feet Bluetooth Range – This speaker can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-compatible devices from up to thirty feet away.

30 Hour Battery Life – This speaker’s built in battery can last for up thirty hours of music playtime.

Auxiliary Input – The auxiliary input on this speaker allows users to connect non-Bluetooth compatible devices to the device through a wired connection.

Public Opinion

In this section of the review we focus on the consumer opinion of the product. To gain the best understanding of the product we look to real consumer reviews to see what the buyers think of the product. To do this we read over hundred of consumers both good and bad and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the Infinite X Bluetooth speaker had to say.


The Good


  • Users were incredibly impressed with the durability of this speaker. The Infinite X’s rubberized exterior gives it protection from drops or hard falls. Paired with the three in one waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof capabilities of this speaker make it nearly invincible.


  • With the incredible amount of features that are offered with this speaker, users were quite impressed with this devices versatility. This speaker has something to offer for just about anyone, something we found customers to appreciate.

Sound Quality

  • Customers were very pleased with the sound quality that this speaker had to offer. The three hundred sixty degree sound feature was enjoyed by consumers as many were surprised with a speaker of this size producing as much sound as it did. Especially for its inexpensive price consumers were quite pleased with this device’s sound quality.

Easy to Pair

  • A common issue faced with Bluetooth speakers is connecting to the device and the consistency of that connection. We found throughout our review analysis that users of this speaker connected to this device quite easily and stated that the connection remained consistent throughout the use.

Battery Life

  • Users were incredibly impressed with this devices battery life. A 30 hour battery life in a device this small is quite a feat and did not go unnoticed by consumers. User reviews often commented on how helpful it was to have speaker with such a large battery life especially for multi day trips.


The Bad

No Built in Microphone

  • It has become commonplace to have a built in mic in Bluetooth speakers for hands-free calling. The Infinite X doesn’t feature a built in mic which is something consumer reviews stated they wished it had.

Overall, the user reviews of this speaker were incredibly positive. Users of this speaker were especially impressed with this device’s durability. With a tough exterior and three in one water,shock, and dust proof features users did not have to worry about damaging the speaker. The durability paired with features such as the flashlight and incredibly long battery life makes this speaker great for outdoor use. We saw many reviews from campers and hikers that spoke highly of this devices outdoor use. Consumer reviews were quick to suggest this speaker to anyone looking for a versatile and durable Bluetooth speaker.


Bang For Your Buck

This section of the review is where this speaker truly excels. Though there are higher quality options available for Bluetooth speakers there are much more expensive than this speaker. At this price range users are able to receive a speaker with tons of features that would likely cost more if bought from any other brand. With the Infinite X you are not paying for the brand name but rather for the product itself. If you are looking for a versatile speaker at this price point we believe the Infinite X Bluetooth speaker is a great value option.



Infinite X FAQ’s

How much does this speaker weigh? Could I carry it around for the day?

Weighing only 1.6 pounds this speaker is lightweight and highly portable.

Can this speaker be fully submerged in water?

No, the IPX4 waterproof rating means that this speaker can be splashed on but not fully submerged as that will cause damage to the speaker.


The Verdict

In conclusion of our Infinite One Bluetooth speaker review, we have found this device to be great for anyone looking for a durable and versatile speaker. It’s impressive battery life and multitude of features make it great for any extended use without a power source. It displays some quality sound for its inexpensive price. And this speaker’s rubberized exterior makes for an extremely durable device. Users of this speaker were quite impressed with its ability to offer all these things to consumers for such a low price. Though there are some high-quality speakers and some speakers that are cheaper the Infinite X is a great value purchase for those shopping at a mid-range price. If what you are looking for in a Bluetooth speaker is durability and versatility then look no further than the Infinite X.


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