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Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Review | Speaker Authority

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Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Review

Throughout our Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Review, we found the speaker to be one of the highest quality Bluetooth speakers available to consumers. With incredible volume output and great sound quality, we are confident that this speaker is the best in its price range. Though many Bluetooth speakers opt for bells and whistles to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market the DeepBlue 2 by Peachtree separates itself through the quality of their sound.


Price Level: High End – Check Current Price Here


5 Built in Speakers – The Peachtree Audio DeepBlue2 has five built in speakers which create some heavy bass output. These include two 3-inch mid range drivers, two 1 inch tweeters, and a 6-inch bass driver. All of these speakers come together to create a powerful bass that is not often seen in Bluetooth speakers.

IR Remote Control – This speaker comes with a remote control which consumers can use to control the volume and bass levels of their Peachtree speaker.

440 Watts – This speaker is extremely powerful with nearly five times the watts of the average Bluetooth speaker.

30 Foot Bluetooth Range – Users of this speaker can wirelessly connect Bluetooth-compatible devices to this speaker from up to thirty feet away.

Multiple Device Connection – This speaker can connect with up to 5 Bluetooth devices at a time making it easy for users to rotate DJ’ing duties.

Soft Touch Buttons – The controls of this speaker are very simple to use with soft touch buttons located on top of the speaker users can manage their songs and volume levels with ease.

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 review

Public Opinion


In this section of the review, we look to the consumer reviews to get a better understanding of their views of this speaker. We do this because we believe to get the best understanding of the products quality we should look to how real consumers feel about the product. To do this we analyze hundreds of users reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts. Here is what the users of the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 had to say.

The Good

Sound Quality

  • The by far most common theme we noticed in our reviews of this speaker were mentions of this speakers exceptional sound quality. Nearly every consumer review spoke of their surprise when they found this level of audio quality from a Bluetooth speaker. Many reviews went as far to say that this speaker is as good as it gets for sound quality in the Bluetooth speaker market.

Solid Bluetooth Connection

  • Another comment we often saw through our review analysis was the devices dependable Bluetooth connection. Many Bluetooth speakers face connectivity issues this was not the case with the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 as users found that this speakers Bluetooth connection remained solid throughout continued use.

Controllable Bass

  • Users were quite pleased with the controllable bass options available on this speaker. Especially at lower volumes users found that in many speakers the bass begins to drown out the rest of the song. By setting the bass level to your preferred setting users can enjoy their music without being overwhelmed by the bass.

Lack of Distortion

  • User reviews of this speaker often mentioned their pleasure that this speaker did not distort at high volume levels. Often times speakers begin to lose their sound quality as the volume output increases. This is not an issue with the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 as even at its highest volume the sound quality remains high.

Quality Build

  • When users purchase portable Bluetooth speakers they often have a cheap plastic feel to them. The consumer reviews of this speaker stated that it felt like a quality sturdy build.

TV Use

  • Several users revealed that this speaker worked great for Television use. Whether your TV has Bluetooth technology or is connected to your speaker through an optical cable this speaker works great for filling the room with sound for your favorite movies or TV shows.

Easy to move

  • Weighing roughly eighteen pounds and only one cord users found it quite easy to move this speaker to their desired location.

The Bad

Wired Connection

  • Some users stated they would have preferred this speaker were completely wireless so it could be more portable and used in situations without a power source.


All in all, the consumer reviews of this product were overwhelmingly positive. The far and away most common positive seen in our reviews was in the sound quality of this speaker. Users were quick to suggest this speaker to anyone looking for the highest quality Bluetooth speaker. With very few negative reviews of this speaker, it further drives home the quality of the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 . To say this speaker was positively received by its users is an understatement.

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 speaker review

Bang For Your Buck

Though this speaker is at the higher end in terms of price we here at Speaker Authority strongly believe it is worth it. Many will scoff at this price for a Bluetooth speaker but with the sound quality that is offered by the Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 it is worth every penny. Some consumers are willing to spend thousands on surround sound speakers in their home in order to get the best quality sound. We believe this logic should follow into your purchase of a Bluetooth speaker. Though there are many options that are much cheaper and offer a serviceable sound the DeepBlue 2 are the premier speakers in the Bluetooth market. Though these are expensive speakers we believe that due to their incredible quality these speakers are a great value purchase.


Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 FAQ’s

How is this speaker’s sound quality at low volumes?

Great, this speaker uses a digital processing chip that adjusts the volume and frequencies together. When the speaker is at its lower volumes it still sounds full and crisp!

Can this speaker be used outdoors?

Yes, although it does need to be connected to a power source and is not waterproof so it is best to be cautious with this device during outdoor use.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we found the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 to be one of the best Bluetooth speakers available to consumers. Though it comes at a high price tag, users will not be upset with the incredible sound quality that this device is able to deliver. With tons of features a great Bluetooth connection and adjustable controls we found users of this speaker to be incredibly pleased with its performance. If you are looking for the best in Bluetooth speakers and are willing to pay for quality than the Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 is a great choice for you.

Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2

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