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Philips Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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Philips Bluetooth Speaker Review

 This Philips Bluetooth Speaker Review will focus on the Philips BT3500B/37 Bluetooth speaker model. This device packs quality design and big sound into a slim, elegant body that easily fits just about anywhere. It has all the standard features you’d expect from a Bluetooth speaker, as well as additional features that make the product unique. It’s 10W RMS output delivers the loud, rich, clear sound you crave. It also comes equipped with NFC technology, making pairing devices to the speaker easier than it has ever been before.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check current price here



  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth – Allows for easy, wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


  • NFC One-Touch – With Near Field Communications, this speaker easily pairs with NFC-enabled Bluetooth devices. Just tap the NFC device to the NFC part of the speaker to turn the speaker on, pair the device, and start streaming music all in an instant.


  • Anti-clipping – The anti-clipping function let’s you play louder music with higher quality. The dedicated audio limiter prevents audio distortion without affecting loudness, and safeguards the speaker from damage from distortion. Anti-clipping also curbs the loss of ability to reproduce musical peaks that usually comes with battery loss.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere – Five hour battery life lets you take this speaker on the go.


  • Audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device – An easily accessible auxiliary port makes this speaker compatible with almost every device.


  • Built-in microphone – The built in microphone on the speaker allows for hands-free phone calls.


  • Convenient stand – The Philips Bluetooth speaker has its own built in stand for propping up the speaker. Users can use it to project sound from the speaker in a specific direction, or to display the device more prominently.


  • Ultra-Slim – The ergonomic, ultra-slim design of the speaker allows it to slide into any bag, making traveling with it a joy.


  • 10W RMS output


  • 30 Foot Bluetooth Range


  • Attach your own strap – The speaker has a feature which enables users the ability to attach your own strap


Philips Bluetooth speaker


Public Opinion


In this part of the review, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews on the BT3500 to get a better understanding of how consumers received the product. Our experience alone can only reveal so much about a speaker, but by reading through hundreds of different reviewing, analyzing them for common trends, distilling them, and relating them back to you, we hope to give you a broader sense of what to expect – good and bad – from this product. Here’s what the users had to say.

The Good

Sound quality – Most reviewers agreed that the BT3500 produces high-end sound quality. It’s two speakers and 10W output deliver exactly what users are looking for. Of the few criticisms this product received, almost none of them were about the sound quality. The sound quality was near-unanimously appraised.


Design – Users also applauded the design of the speaker. Many of them mention that other speakers they’ve owned in the past have been too big – too big to carry around, too big to set them where they want to set them, etc. Not so with the BT3500. It fits snuggly in any bag and doesn’t take up too much room on any table or surface it’s placed on.


Physical knob – A surprising amount of reviewers commented on the physical knob the speaker has for sound control. They liked the physical knob a lot, saying that it made changing the volume on the speaker easier than it is on most other comparable products


Loud – Users mostly agreed that the speaker produced a lot of sound for its size.


The Bad


Charging port

  • Some customers have experienced issues with the charging port on the device. It can be finicky, and sometimes it ceases to work. This is the only problem that reviewers consistently complained about.


In conclusion, the reviews on this product were extremely positive. Very few users had anything negative to say about the product. The reviews that were negative usually weren’t about the quality of the product – they were about product defects, the most common one being the faulty charging port. The sound, design, and features of the product were universally lauded by the users. Experts and casual consumers alike consistently praised these aspects, especially the design and loudness of the speaker.

Philips Wireless speaker

Bang for Your Buck


This speaker is a great value purchase for its price. This speaker has quality sound and volume output that rivals any other speaker of its size and price point on the market. This, along with its NFC feature and other features, make it more than worth its cost. No other speakers offer this amount of features let alone for a price under $100. For its price tag we believe you are getting great value on your dollar.


Philips BT3500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s


What’s the difference between the Philips BT3500B/37 and BT2500B/37 ?


  • The 2500 is a single speaker unit, while the 3500 is a two speaker unit. The 2500 is cheaper, but the 3500 produces far superior sound. The 2500 also lacks the NFC feature that the 3500 model has.



All in all, the Philips BT3500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic portable speaker. It delivers great sound quality for its price point, and its list of features make it stand out from the crowd. The NFC feature, in particular, makes this product unique. Few speakers today utilize NFC technology, so the fact that the BT3500 implements it makes it innovative. NFC is insanely convenient – anyone who has ever struggled to pair a Bluetooth device to a speaker or switch between pairings knows that it takes longer than it should and never seems to work the way it’s supposed to. However, NFC eliminates all this hassle. It’s one of those technologies that will be an industry standard within a couple of years, but with the Philips Bluetooth speaker, you get access to it early.

Our favorite part of this speaker, though, is its design. When you look at this product, it makes you stop and wonder, “Why don’t more speakers look like this?” It’s slim design makes it far easier to slip into a bag than its competition. Its sound dial is stylish as well as effective, and extra additions like the stand and the optional strap just make too much sense. Because of all these reasons, we highly recommend this Philips Bluetooth speaker  for anyone who is in the market for a wireless Bluetooth speaker.


BT3500B/37 speaker review

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