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Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker |Speaker Authority

Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker |Speaker Authority
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Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth technology has come far enough that we can now listen to our music just about anywhere. This is especially evident with the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker as it built specifically for shower use. With a suction cup feature and IPX4 water proof rating this speaker is great for blasting some tunes to start your day. For a low price, users can get a durable Bluetooth shower speaker that will last.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here


Rechargeable Lithium Battery – This speaker comes with a built in rechargeable battery so it can be used wirelessly

Bluetooth Compatible – This device can connect to any other Bluetooth compatible device so you can listen to your music without an auxiliary cord.

Built in Suction Cup – This speaker has a built in suction cup located on the back of the speaker. This allows users to stick this speaker to their shower or bathroom wall.

Splash Proof – As stated earlier this device has an IPX4 waterproof rating. This means this speaker can take any splash damage though it can not be fully submerged so be sure to not drop it into your bath.

Built in Microphone – Users can use this speaker to answer calls hands-free from their cell phone. With the easy to use buttons, users can answer their phones from the shower or bathtub.

Multiple Color Options – This speaker is offered in three colors online, Black, Green, and Pink.

Polaroid Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we look to consumer reviews to understand what the common users of this speaker think. We believe that by understanding how consumers receive the product we are best able to determine the products quality. We do this by analyzing product reviews both good and bad from all over the web and summarizing their thoughts. Here is what users of the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker had to say.


The Good

Long lasting Battery

  • Users of this speaker were quite impressed with it’s battery length. Some saying it lasted as long as three months of regular use without needing to be charged.

Loud and clear

  • Reviews of this speaker often mentioned that the speaker was a lot louder than they expected due its small size. Users were quick to comment that this speaker has both a loud enough volume output and a clear sound that could be heard over the sound of the shower.

Easy to Setup

  • Many users commented on the ease with which they set this speaker up. From understanding the buttons, pairing with their phone and attaching the suction cup to the wall users consistently described a very easy process.

Never miss calls

  • This was a comment we were surprised to see in so many reviews. With many of the users living busy lives they worried about missing calls when in the shower or bath. With the built in microphone users were able to this speaker to answer calls easily and never had to worry about rushing their shower.

Suction Cup/ Shower use

  • Many users stated they had tried using other portable speakers on the bathroom counter to use as their speaker in their shower. Having this speaker shower proof greatly improved their shower music. With the speaker itself in the shower with you, users are able to change songs as well as increase and decrease volume controls. Reviews also stated they didn’t have to blast music in the bathroom to hear over the shower when this speaker was right in the shower with them.


Overall, the consumer reviews of this product were extremely positive as users were very pleased with this Bluetooth shower speaker. Users specifically liked this speakers ability to hold a long charge even with constant use. The sound quality of this speaker was also a major talking point as users got a lot more from this speaker than they were expecting especially due to its small size. User reviews commented that this speaker is a great option for those looking for a Bluetooth shower speaker and we here at Speaker Authority agree wholeheartedly.

Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

Bang for Your Buck

This section of the review is where the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker truly separates itself. There are similar Bluetooth shower speakers on the market but none of those will offer the sound quality and durability that is present in the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker. With the multitude of features that are offered with this speaker, it is a steal to get it for its low price. This was also reflected in the consumer reviews as many were surprised they could get a speaker of this quality for such a cheap price. We believe that this device is a great value purchase for its small price tag and urge consumers looking for a discount shower speaker to look into the Polaroid waterproof Bluetooth speaker.


Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker FAQ’s

Can I use this speaker while Charging?

NO! This speaker can not be used in the shower while it is charging. Doing so will result in electrocution.

Is it okay to leave this speaker directly in the shower stream?

Yes, any sort of splash damage from any angle will not damage this speaker, only full submergence into the water will cause damage.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we have found the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker to be a great option for those shopping for an inexpensive shower speaker. This device’s broad features allow users to have a great shower experience with easy music selection and volume control available while in the shower. The built in microphone allows users to pick up phone calls hands-free while in the bath, something we found users of this speaker to be quite pleased with. Though there are a lot of similar shower speakers on the market the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker offers all the features and a brand you trust for a lower price. If what you are looking for in your Bluetooth speaker is useful features, easy to use controls, and durability than the Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a great choice for you.


Polaroid Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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