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Powerbeats 2 Beats Earbuds Review | Speaker Authority

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Powerbeats 2 Beats Earbuds Review

Our Powerbeats 2 Wireless Beats Earbuds review will be focused on breaking down the features and amenities present within the headphones, the overall appeal of this specific model, and the consumer reaction and response to the product. As our in-depth Powerbeats 2 Beats Earbuds review ran its course, it became obvious that the product carries quite a robust cult following—cementing itself as one of the better buys in the mid-range, in-ear headphone market.

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Bluetooth Connectivity- These Powerbeats allow easy, hassle-free Bluetooth syncing between the headphones and your music-paying device. With a range that stretches more than 30 feet, there are very few headphones on the market offering similar range in this price level.

6-Hour+ Battery Life- With an easy-to-charge battery that can last up to six hours of continuous use, these headphones not only allow you to listen to your favorite band, but they make it possible to jam almost their entire catalog on one single charge!

Resistance to Liquids- With the Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones, you won’t have to worry about your forehead or sideburn sweat malfunctioning your in-ear entertainment every time you finally start to get a good workout in.

Multiple Modes Allow for Diverse Uses- Switching easily between hands-free calling and stress-free music enjoyment has never been easier. RemoteTalk controls take the difficulty out of toggling between features or even just adjusting the volume.

Four (4) Varying Sizes and Shapes Eartip Options- If the standard eartip doesn’t fit your needs (or ear), there is no need to worry. Beats, always with the customer in mind, has provided a variety of options to ensure that the right fit and aesthetic is achievable right out of the box.

Beats Earbuds

Build and Fit

Due to their existence as wireless, in-ear headphones, it would be understandable if the Powerbeats 2 model encountered problems with stability and comfort while positioned in the ear. On the contrary, this particular design seems to have found success in across-the-board sizing. While those with abnormal ear sizes and shapes may find some difficulty, the inclusion of (4) additional eartip shapes/sizes with standard purchase hopes to ensure that each and every Powerbeats 2 buyer finds the comfort and in-ear security they have been seeking.

Public Opinion

This section of the review takes a widespread look at shopper reactions to the Powerbeats 2 Headphones in review form. As the electronics market has grown in online settings, the importance of product evaluation has increased along with it. What we found was a product that has commanded a solid market share and amassed a sizable fanbase in doing so. With the exception of quality-control issues citing certain, faulty individual headphones, the general consensus was a favorable one for Beats in this instance.

The Good

Snug Fit When Worn

  • With many in-ear headphones—especially wireless ones—there is an unavoidable problem of ear slippage and loose fits. The Powerbeats 2 have found a way to make loose earplugs a thing of the past however. Without forcing their way too deep into the ear, Beats has succeeded in creating an ideal shape capable of staying put without forcing too much pressure inside the ear.

Sound Stability

  • Despite relying on a wireless, Bluetooth-reliant construction, the Powerbeats 2 headphones are able to create an uninterrupted listening experience even during strenuous use. Countless of the highest-rated reviews for this product cite the exceptional sound stability as the behind their product reverence.

Long-Lasting Battery

  • There is nothing worse than heading to the gym, focused on dominating a workout, when all of a sudden…your headphones die. With these, unless you’re purposefully looking for excuses not to hit the gym, your headphones should be more-than-capable of surviving on a single charge (between 5-7 hours according to the vast majority of positive reviews).

Waterproof Design

  • Many headphones seem to be built for gym-use, but once they are used a few times, they no longer function the same. However, if reviewers of the Powerbeats 2 are to be believed, then this product is capable of standing up to even the sweatiest of necks and saltiest of inner ears.

Aesthetically Appealing

  • Combining function and fashion is tough. Add in the compact nature of most wireless, in-ear headphones and it becomes obvious that Beats had their work cut out for them in this portion of the market. The final product, however, seems to be a hit. Reviewers praise the Powerbeats 2 for combining sleek industrial design with a little bit of flair—ideal for an accessory meant to do its job and garner a few compliments in the process.


The Bad

Quality Control / Malfunctioning Products

  • While the largest portion of online reviewers have been highly enamored with the Powerbeats 2 headphones, the negative reviews that have been written deal with a common issue: faulty headphones right out of the box of after minimal wears. While this should come across as a cautionary detail to prospective consumers, it highlights the importance of securing a warranty. While the success of the product more than likely speaks as a testament to how rarely a quality control issue arises, this is still a problem worth keeping in mind.

Short Charging Cord

  • Many reviewers cite the length of the Micro-USB charging accessory (around 7 inches) as the only noteworthy accessory-related problem. Hopefully those reviewers all had extra charging cords around to alleviate the problem—and you should too if you plan on purchasing.


Overall, there is an undeniably-positive trend to be found amongst reviewers. Battery life, sound quality, fit, and look all seem to meet or exceed consumer expectations. However, the quality control issues from each pair of headphones to the next is cause for at least minimal concern.

Beats Ear Buds Review

Bang for Your Buck

While this specific pair finds itself straddling the line of upper-mid-tier, the Beats brand name adds a level of braggadocio to the purchase. In a headphones market finding prices rising each and every day, the mid range price tag these headphones have is by no means a deal breaker.


Powerbeats 2 Headphones FAQ

Are these headphones good for the gym?

Yes. The waterproof construction, stable sound foundation, and Beats name all make this ideal for gym use. Not only will they hold up to the exercise-related demands, but you may get a few compliments on them as well.

Is there only one size?

Luckily, Beats provides 4 eartips of varying sizes and shapes in order to ensure that each and every consumer can find the fit right for them!


The Verdict

After careful consideration and market research, we recommend the Beats Powerbeats 2 In-Ear Headphones on the basis of their ability to couple name-brand status with success in a tough niche (in-ear, wireless headphones). While the reviews detailing headphones that arrived faulty reinforce the importance of purchasing from reputable dealers, apart from those complaints, this pair of headphones settles in as a quality purchase for all individuals not afraid to purchase name brand headphones perfect for casual gym use.


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