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Razer Adaro Review | Speaker Authority

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Razer Adaro Review

This Razer Adaro review covers the Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology. It  includes the details on the headphones and what they offer while considering public opinion. Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have great audio technology while they were designed with extreme comfort in the mind. This device is a great pick if looking for a good quality sound while being comfortable.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here



20 Hour Battery Life – Razer Adaro Headphones have use an ultra-low consumption rechargeable battery that lasts for 20 hours on a full charge. The aptX technology allows for wireless freedom and has a longer battery life compared to many other wireless headphones.

Extreme Lightweight – These headphones weigh a mere 7.2 ounces creating a very light and comfortable experience for the listener. The headphones are engineer to be light but robust for everyday use.

40mm Dynamic Drivers – Excellent audio quality for headphones at this price. There are 40mm Dynamic Drivers to ensure an excellent listening experience.

On Device Controls – Playback and volume controls are on the device itself to make the wireless listening experience even easier.

Razer Adaro Bluetooth Headphones Review

Build and Fit

Razer Adero Headphones have a comfortable over-the-ear fit made for all day use with good quality audio. They are designed to be fully adjustable, fitting to each listener perfectly for easy listening. These headphones lightweight and wireless capabilities make them easy for on-the-go or even just laying around the house. The engineers focused on comfort while enjoying great audio.


Public Opinion

In this section of the reviews, hundreds of consumer reviews were considered to determine what listeners truly think about the product. The best way to understand a product is to consider a wide review of the product in order to complete an honest review. We have summarized the main points of the consumer reviews here.


The Good

Battery Length

  • The was one of the most common statements throughout our research into the reviews. Users of these headphones were very pleased with their ability to hold a charge. Reviews stated that the battery life lived up to the advertised 10-12 hour lifetime. This battery length is extremely long for wireless headphones and it was not taken for granted by consumers as they found this to be one of the major benefits of these headphones.

Sound Quality

  • Reviewers seemed overly happy with the sound quality from these headphones despite the lower price. They were often compared to “Beats by Dre” as the better and cheaper option. The sound quality is the best aspect of these headphones.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Throughout the reviews, a majority of the consumers really enjoyed the fantastic connectivity through Bluetooth. The wireless experience made listening very easy and complicated-free. The long charge and Bluetooth make these headphones great for being on-the-go. The range is also great as it allows you to walk around the house without losing connectivity.

Balanced Listening

  • Many users were really impressed with how the headphones adjust to different types of audio files, allowing for the best experience depending on the genre of music of file users are listening to. The bass adjusts for heaver music and then would readjust for a genre change for something lighter. Many reviewers suggest these headphones are great for gaming.

Durability and Customer Service

  • Razer Adaro is designed for durability in daily use. Many reviewers love their durability and raved on how much use the headphones can take. When the headphones were broken, consumers were really impressed with how Razer would replace broken pieces very quickly with great reviews on their customer service.


  • Users of these headphones loved the light weight of the headphones. They are decently lighter than most headphones at a light 7.2 ounces.



The Bad



  • There is a small blue light on the left ear-cup that blinks when connected to Bluetooth. Many users stated that this light is a minor annoyance as it can be seen from the corner of the eye. Some users said the ear-cups were too small as they are made to be a smaller fit.



Overall, users were extremely pleased with these headphones especially at their low price for the quality. The long battery life along with the great 40mm Dynamic Drivers allow for a high quality listening experience at a low price. These Razer Adaro Headphones allow for studio quality sound at an affordable price. The Bluetooth capability make these headphones perfect for being on the move and accessibility as the range is large. Consumers can work throughout the day without charging the headphones with a wireless experience.

Razer Adaro Headphones Review

Bang For Your Buck

The midrange price Razer Adaro has set for these headphones is extremely ideal. They are affordable while also high quality. These headphones were often compared to being the better and cheaper option compared to many high range headphones as their quality is actually better thanks to the 40mm Dynamic Drivers. The accessibility of the headphones makes them an even better buying option. 20 hours of wireless listening makes for a comfortable and easy day without the annoyance of wires and tangles.


Razer Adaro Headphones FAQ’s

Could I use these headphones throughout the house without carrying the device it is connected to?

Yes, due to the range of the device consumers can leave the connected device in any room while continuing to work throughout the house all day long on one single charge.

Can I pair these Razer Adaro Bluetooth Headphones for gaming?

Yes, many users claim that these headphones are perfect for gaming as the charge lasts nearly a full day and the wireless experience makes it easy with good audio quality.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we highly recommend these Razer Adaro Bluetooth Headphones. They have excellent audio quality while being extremely practical use-wise. The headphones can keep a charge for nearly a full day in just 2 hours while also allowing for a wide range of uses. The lower price also allows for a variety of consumers to enjoy high quality music at a decent price.


Razer Adaro wireless review

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