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Riva Turbo X Review | Speaker Authority

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Riva Turbo X Review


Turn the sound up to 11 with the Turbo X by Riva. This speaker delivers powerful, Earth-shaking volume that’s sure to bring any party to life. But fear not – unlike other speakers on the market, the Turbo X doesn’t sacrifice loudness for sound quality. Throughout our Riva Turbo X review we found that unlike most Bluetooth devices this speaker sounds just as good at its highest volume as it does at its lowest. And with 45 watts RMS of power, 100 dB output, four ADX custom dual piston bass radiators, and TrilliumTM Surround Sound, you best believe this speaker brings high quality sound.


Price Level: Upscale – Check Current Price Here



  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth – Allows for easy, wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and laptops.



  • 26 + Hour Playing Time – Get 26+ hours of playing time at 75dB (playing time varies with listening levels)



  • Remote Control App – The Riva Ground Control app allows you to control the Turbo X speaker from any OSX or Android device. All button functionalities are replicated in the app, so you can truly control every aspect of the device remotely.


  • Splash-Resistant I/O Cover – The speaker has a splash-resistant cover attached to it that you can use to protect their I/O ports from damage from liquids.



  • Turbo Mode – The Turbo X can literally go to 11 in terms of output volume. Using the Riva Ground Control app, you can turn the volume to the ‘11’ setting, bringing the speaker output to an astounding 100 dB output.


  • 45W RMS – This speaker can output as much as 45 watts RMS of power, which places it far above most of the competition


  • Audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device – An easily accessible auxiliary port makes this speaker compatible with almost every device.


  • USB Charge Port – Equipped with a USB charging port, the Turbo X can serve as a charging station for your phone or tablet.


  • 33 Foot Bluetooth Range


  • Speakerphone – The built-in microphone with noise and echo canceling technology makes it possible to have convenient, crystal clear phone calls using this speaker


  • Optional Carrying Case – For an additional 30 dollars, you can purchase a carrying case designed for the Turbo X


Riva Turbo X Review


Public Opinion


In this part of the review, we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews on the Turbo-X to get a better understanding of how consumers received the product. Our experience alone can only reveal so much about a speaker, but by reading through hundreds of different reviews, analyzing them for common trends, distilling them, and relating them back to you, we hope to give you a broader sense of what to expect – good and bad – from this product. Here’s what the users had to say:

The Good

Sound quality

  • Many reviewers agreed that the Turbo-X is the best sounding portable speaker on the market. It has three ADX 60 mm full range proprietary drivers and four ADX custom dual piston bass radiators. The bass is significant yet clean; the high notes are as clear as bells. This is definitely a speaker for audiophiles.



  • Reviewers said that the design of the Turbo-X was straightforward but elegant non-the-less. They praised the incredibly durable metal mesh.


Control App

  • Users of the Turbo-X praised the Ground Control app. Most other speakers don’t have companion apps, or if they do they only help with set up. The Riva Ground Control app is a rare breed, and it is very useful for adjusting the volume or activating the surround sound or Turbo features



  • Users unanimously agreed that this speaker is loud. It can easily fill any large room with sound.


The Bad


  • Uninspired Design – While many users praised the design of the Turbo X, not every user did. Some complained that it looked too rectangular and unoriginal, while others claimed it wasn’t colorful and didn’t catch the eye.



In conclusion, the reviews on this product were extremely positive. The occasional negative review was usually about product defects rather than poor product quality. A few reviewers did find that the design didn’t catch their eye, but this usually didn’t stop them from leaving a positive review. And besides, it’s the sound that speaks for the quality of this speaker, not the aesthetic – and reviewers loved the sound. The Turbo-X is one of the rare Bluetooth speakers that can maintain high quality sound while also producing lots of volumes, and users appreciated this.

Riva Turbo X speaker Review

Bang for Your Buck


At $300, this is an expensive speaker, but its quality is well worth its price tag. It’s multiple speakers and unique features make it one of the best portable speakers on the market. Very few speakers produce this kind of sound quality or this kind of volume, and no other speakers have an app like Ground Control for remote use. If you’re an audiophile, or just a music lover in general, you won’t be upset with this purchase.



Riva Turbo X FAQ’s


How does the Turbo X compare to other speakers from this price point?


  • Some other speakers might be able to compare to the Turbo X in terms of sound quality or even loudness, but none of them retain sound quality as volume increases as well as the Turbo X.



All things considered, the Turbo X is one of the best portable speakers out there right now. It’s sound matches or surpasses other speakers in its category in terms of quality and volume, and it especially excels at minimizing the effects of clipping at higher volumes. With seven different speakers, 45 W RMS, and a 100 dB output, it’s a speaker that won’t let you down.

The features on the Turbo X are what really separate this speaker from the crowd. It’s TrilliumTM Surround Sound technology gives you the option of converting the audio into a surround sound experience. The Ground Control app allows for true remote control that other Bluetooth products don’t grant. The Turbo mode brings enough volume to fill the whole house. We highly recommend the Turbo X to anyone who is looking for a high quality Bluetooth speaker, and we know it won’t let you down.


Riva Turbo Speaker

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