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RockTech Bluetooth Speaker Review| Speaker Authority

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RockTech Bluetooth Speaker Review


Rugged, splash proof and durable the Rocktech portable speaker is one of the premium outdoor speakers available. Through its tough design and plastic casing this speaker is able survive whatever you throw its way. As far as portable speakers go the RockTech Bluetooth speaker is able to produce some quality sound.  Throughout this Rocktech speaker review we will analyze what features this speaker offers as well as the public opinion of this speaker and ultimately determine if its worth its price tag.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check current price here


  • Bluetooth Compatible – This speaker is Bluetooth compatible meaning that it can wireless connect to Bluetooth devices


  • Built in Microphone – This allows consumers to use this speaker for hands free calling


  • 12-hour battery life – This speakers battery life last for a half day of music playtime which is on the high end for Bluetooth speakers


  • Splash Proof – This speaker can be splashed or rained on from any direction and it will not harm the speaker just be sure not to entirely submerge it.


  • Sand Proof – Sand and other small particles cannot enter or damage the speaker making it perfect for beach use


  • Auxiliary port – This speaker has an auxiliary input meaning with a cord you can connect it to non-Bluetooth devices such as old iPods or TVs


  • Weighs 1.4 pounds – This speaker is extremely light weight making it quite easy to carry around


  • Carabiner Clip – This speaker comes with an attached carabiner clip making it easy to attach to any bag or backpack

Rocktech portable speaker review

Public Opinion

This part of our Rocktech speaker review is based on real consumer reviews of the product. To understand how and what the average consumer thinks of the product we look to non-professional reviews to get a better understanding of how they receive the product. To do this we read hundreds of reviews from all over the web and summarize their thoughts.


The Good

Portable and Tough

  • Users often commented on the durability and portability of this speaker, many users threw this speaker in their bag for the day and have yet to see any damage from their daily use.

Long Lasting Battery

  • Many users were quite pleased with the battery length, users advocated for this speaker saying the battery lasted as long as advertised.

Easy Setup and connection

  • Reviews often commented on the ease in which they set up the speaker saying the process was quite simple. They also often commented on how quick and reliable the connection process was, something that many other portable speakers have issues with.

Loud and Clear

  • Users were quite surprised with the amount of noise this speaker could produce and also the quality at which it did so. The reviewers also stated that even at max volumes this speaker remained clear and undistorted.

Scratch proof

  • Another common theme seen in the reviews was the praise given to the scratch proof case on the speaker. With this case users were not worried about causing damage to the speaker with some to go as far as saying dropping the speaker with the case on would cause no damage.

The Bad

No wall Charger

  • Some users seemed annoyed that this speaker came with a USB charger and not a wall charger. Though the USB charger can be plugged into the vast majority of phone chargers we see this is a non-issue.


Overall consumers were quite pleased with the Rocktech portable Bluetooth speaker with the main positives usually centering around the speakers durability and sound quality. The durability of this speaker is something many users seemed quite pleased with. Over our research we did not come across any reviews in which the speaker broke aside from being fully submerged in water. Consumers also seemed quite pleased with sound and volume levels, though this speaker wouldn’t be great for a full house party it definitely has enough power for a small get together or a day at the beach.


RockTech Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bang For Your Buck

This part of the review is where we feel this speaker truly excels. There are several speakers similar to the Rocktech Bluetooth speaker in both durability and sound but no others are offered at this price point. For a fair price users are able to get a good quality sound that will last. The only speaker that is both more durable and has a better sound would be the Fugoo Tough which costs around a fair amount more, our review of that speaker can be seen here.  We believe that purchasing the Rocktech speaker at its inexpensive price tag is a great value purchase.

Rocktech Portable Speaker FAQ’s

Would this speaker work in the shower?

Yes, any sort of water spraying onto the speaker will not cause any damage, just be sure to not fully submerge the speaker.

Is this speaker compatible with Andriod phones?

Yes as long as they have Bluetooth they will be compatible with this speaker.



In conclusion of our review, we have decided that the Rocktech portable Bluetooth speaker is a great option for those looking for a durable outdoor speaker for a low price. This speakers durability is unmatched by its competitors in this price range and will ensure this product will last a long time. This speaker is also able to produce quality sound for its inexpensive price and small size. If what you are looking for in a portable speaker is durability, reliability and quality then the Rocktech Bluetooth speaker is a great option for you.


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Rocktech Bluetooth speaker review


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