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Sennheiser Earbuds Review|Speaker Authority

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Sennheiser Earbuds Review

Our Sennheiser Earbuds review will focus on the Momentum model and will take a look at the features, functionality and style these earbuds provide. We will describe why this earbud attracts such devoted fans and give an overview of buyers’ reactions and thoughts on the earbuds. Based on our research of the product, it is clear that the Sennheiser Momentum earbuds have many reasons for winning such faithful fans and are an excellent buy in the mid-range earbud market.


Price Level: Mid-Range – Check Current Price Here



Dynamic Transducer- Wide bandwidth 18-ohm dynamic transducer produces powerful output with potent bass, even mid-range and complete and clear highs.

Adjustable size- includes four ear adapter tips in varying sizes for a custom fit to reduce noise from your surroundings and allow you to clearly hear the audio.

Inline Mic- The mic has a noise cancellation feature that is not common with this price range earbud. It also has a chin slider to position the mic correctly. The mic is lightweight and does not weigh down the earbuds.

Modern Durable styling-Machined steel and polycarbonate housing contribute to the great sound and durability these earbuds have.

Inline remote – This three button inline remote is easy to use and allows the user to control and mute the volume. The buttons on the remote can also be used to pause, play and skip songs. Another feature of the inline remote is the integrated Smartphone controls such as the ability to answer incoming calls.

Oval Cable– The cable is sufficiently long and has an elliptical or oval shape that prevents the cable from becoming tangled. The cable is also color coordinated, with a  black and red tone, to match the styling of the earbuds.

Quality Carry Case– The zippered case is made of molded neoprene with red stitching. The case has a hard shell and is large enough to accomadate the extra tip adapters.


Build and Fit

Because these are in ear headphones, one may not expect to find over ear quality. But these earbuds surprise and delight with high quality sound, high highs and low lows. The ear buds  are capable of filtering out ambient  noise.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Public Opinion

In this section of our review we look to the end consumers to gain a better understanding of the product. We found that by reading over real customer reviews we can gain the best understanding of the products quality. We then summarize all these thoughts for our readers. Here is what users of the Sennheiser Earbuds had to say.

The Good

Sound quality. These earbuds have a great full spectrum range, with high highs and low, lows. The bass is just right, not overwhelming as some other popular headphones are.  These earbuds have crisp clear sound reproduction.

Earbud fit- Proper fit is essential to get the most out of these earbuds. They come with 4 sizes to try, and changing the tip out will change the sound dramatically. It is important to get a good seal on your ear and try each tip to see which tip will create the best seal while providing the most comfort.

Modern appeal- These earbuds have great style, with a flat/oval two tone cable, stainless steel and metallic red accents. A deep bass and smartphone controls make these earbuds useful for both listening to music and taking or making phone calls.

90 degree headphone jack – This angled jack allows the user to place the smartphone in their pocket without having the cable and plug cause wear or strain on the jack.

High quality carrying case – These Momentum earbuds include a carrying case that demonstrated attention to detail. It is a zippered case with a hard shell that protects the earbuds during storage. The case has red stitching, contributing to the style of these earbuds.


The Bad

 The Treble- The treble can be overly sharp at times and during long periods of listening the S sound and the upper registers seem to cause ear fatigue. Some have said that the treble can be harsh and tinny.

 The Cord- The Cord is a bit too long for mobile use. Many users reported needing to wrap the cord around their phone. They said that this cable was longer than the cables of other earbuds they had tried.  The cord length caused some noise problems when the extra length of the cord jostled against clothing.

Cord and housing quality- Some users have experienced the cable splitting, having an earbud  fail, and excessive wear to the outer red plastic housing which seems like it should be able to withstand more abuse.


Overall we found consumers to be quite happy with the quality of these earphones. The sound quality and comfortable fit were seen time and time again in the consumer reviews as high points of this product. Users of these Sennheiser Earbuds were quick to recommend these earbuds to anyone looking to find a higher quality in ear music headset.

 Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds Review

Bang for Your Buck

For a pair of Mid-range ear buds is priced under 100 dollars making  these earbuds are a great deal. They bring just the right amount of bass, without being over the top. They include smartphone controls making them very versatile. The styling is contemporary. The attention to detail is on par with the high quality you expect from Sennheiser, with the stainless steel housing and flat dual tone cable. The inline mic is far superior to other earbuds in this class, with noise cancellation and proper mic placement using the chin adjustment. The quality of the included tips effectively filter ambient noise and deliver the crisp clear sound everyone is raving about.  The little details add up to make these headphones stand out from the others in this category.


Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds FAQ

  1. Are these headphones for the iPhone or Android phone and will they work with my phone model?


Sennheiser made versions for the iPhone and select Android phones. The controls are important and specific to each phone, even though the jack may be the same. These earbuds are NOT universal, please check the Sennheiser website to make sure the earbuds are compatible with your device.


  1. Do these earbuds offer noise cancelation?


Yes, but you must try out the 4 tip sizes included with the earbuds. In this case, size does matter, and can significantly affect the quality and filtering out of surrounding noise.


The Verdict

After extensive research and reading we can say that through our Sennheiser Earbuds review we can highly recommend these in ear headphones. They have features usually only found in higher end models, and a great mid range price. The mic with noise cancellation and the variety of tips included greatly increase the sound quality of these earbuds. The well rounded pitch spectrum makes these earbuds great for rock and roll, classical and even listening to an eBook. The attention to detail with regards to styling is above par for this price range. You won’t be disappointed with these earbuds.


Sennheiser Earbuds Review

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