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Sentey Warp LS-4420 Review | Speaker Authority
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Sentey Warp LS-4420 Review

With most over-the-ear headphones on the market today soaring well over 100 dollars, the Sentey Ls 4420 headphones are the definition of affordable headphones. Though we found throughout our Sentey Warp LS-4420 review that the price does not reflect the product’s quality at all, as everything about these headphones are top notch- from their classic design, to their strong sound. If you’re looking for a great headphone with ear coverage that won’t break the bank, then you should consider the Sentey Ls 4420’s.


Price Level: Inexpensive –



Great Coverage- With comfortable padding and large, ovular speakers, these headphones offer great ear coverage, and will block out white noise so you can enjoy more of your music.


High Definition- The speakers will definitely get the job done for you, as they play high-definition music, and have amazing sound quality.


Versatile- These headphones are made to stay on your ears, so even if you’re out and about, they are great and will stay on when you need them.


Sleek Design- These headphones are designed wonderfully, and look very similar to the other more expensive products on the market today. They are sleek and stylish, and offer great colors.


Portable- The structure of these headphones fold in, so they are extremely portable and easy to take on the go with you.


Tangle Free Cord- With a smooth, detachable cord, you’ll never have to worry about untangling your headphones again, and listening to your music couldn’t be easier.



Design and Fit

Along with their sleek and stylish black and red design, the Sentey Ls 4420 headphones were created to fit comfortably on anyone’s ears, and give a wonderfully immersive music experience. The headphones are big enough to cover the ears and block out white noise, without being too large or over the top. Whether you have a classic style, or you’re a little out there, these headphones will work for you.


Public Opinion

Because we know that not everything is always as it seems, and because we don’t want anyone to be surprised when buying the products we review, we search through hundreds of customer reviews from people who have bought and experienced the products for themselves. These aren’t paid reviews, but real people with real experiences, who have great things- or not so great things- to share. We provide popular feedback, including the good and the bad, on these products, so you know exactly what you’re getting into and what you can expect from the products we review.


The Good

Great Quality

  • Many customers commented that these headphones were a much higher quality than they had been expecting, considering the extremely low price. They are packaged wonderfully, and work great.


Noise Cancelling

  • As advertised, the cushioning provides comfort as well as noise-cancellation according to customer reviews. Even on a loud city street, or a car that’s also blasting music, these headphones really held their own.



  • In comparison with other higher-end headphones, many customers commented on how comfortable these headphones are. People said they could use them for prolonged periods of time, and they never became heavy or uncomfortable.



  • People with large/small heads, rejoice! Because one pro to these headphones that people kept reiterating was that they were extremely flexible. They are designed to fit anyone, and that includes head size. This also makes them great if you’re out and about, because they can have a tighter fit if you need them to.


The Bad



  • Some customers complained that the headband (that goes over the top of your head) is made out of plastic that isn’t strong enough to hold up, with the possibility of it cracking or bending over time.


With any product out on the market today, there are bound to be a few bad reviews in the mix, as was the case with the Sentey Ls 4420 headphones. However the overwhelming majority of the reviews for these headphones were astronomically high. With a vast majority of the customer reviews rating these headphones five out of five stars, it’s easy to say that people obviously love these headphones. Customers couldn’t stop commenting on how great the sound quality was, how comfortable they were, and what a wonderful deal they were- and you can’t beat that!


Bang For Your Buck

It’s nearly impossible to find headphones like these in the market today that fall under the 100 dollar mark, so it’s saying a lot that the Sentey Ls 4420 headphones come in at such a low price. Better yet, is that both the features and the customer reviews provided evidence that you truly are getting more than you pay for with this product. For sound, quality, comfort and design that can’t be beat, these headphones truly are a great choice for anyone. These headphones could satisfy even the pickiest music listeners, all on an extremely low budget. We have to agree that these headphones are truly worth their low price.



Sentey Warp LS-4420 FAQ’s


Does the sound quality work well with things other that music?

  • Yes, these can be hooked up to a TV via a connection cord, and can be used during phone calls as well and can still retain it’s quality of sound.


Are there controls on the headphones?

  • No, they are meant to be connected to a music playing device which you can use to play/pause/forward/etc.


What color are the headphones?

  • The color advertised are black and red.




With everything we could get our hands on in order to review the Sentey Ls 4420 headphones, our overall conclusion is that these are great headphones for anyone. Whether you’re simply looking for a casual listening experience, or you’re an avid musician who needs professional headphones, these can be the right headphones for you. They are extremely portable and versatile, therefor allowing for use in a wide range of areas and over a wide range of music genres. Not only that, but you won’t have to pay a huge amount for the wonderful features these headphones offer, because they come at a wonderfully low price. With everything these headphones have to offer, they are definitely something you should consider.


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