Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker Review

Throughout our Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker review, we found this speaker to be one of the highest quality and best sounding speakers in its price range. This speaker is one of the top selling portable Bluetooth speakers available to consumers and it is with good reason. Tons of features and a great sound, users of this speaker will be quite pleased with the quality that this Bluetooth speaker offers.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


18 Hour battery life – This Sharkk Boombox comes with a built in rechargeable 18-hour battery. This is incredibly long especially for a speaker of this size.

Built in Microphone – The Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker has a built in microphone which consumers can use to make hands-free calls.

Durability – This speaker is built with a plastic exterior making it extremely durable.

Two 5 Watt Speakers – The two five watt loudspeakers built into this shark boombox create a powerful 10 Watt output of sound.

Illuminated Buttons – Censors on this speakers allow the buttons to light up in the dark for nightime use.

30 Foot Bluetooth Range – This device can connect to Bluetooth-compatible devices from up to thirty feet away.

Portability – Weighing only 1.9 pounds this speaker is lightweight and extremely portable.

Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker Review

Public Opinion

In this part of our review, we look to the reviews of consumers to gain the best understanding of the product. We believe that if we understand how the consumers receive the product we will then have a better grasp on the quality of the product itself. To find out the thoughts of consumers we contact them and read through their reviews. After reading over hundreds of consumer reviews both good and bad we summarize the thoughts for our readers to see. Here is what the consumer Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox speaker reviews had to say.


The Good


Build Quality

  • Users often stated that they felt the speaker was made of quality materials. The majority of the consumer reviews mentioning the build of this speaker referred to it as sturdy and firm. They were also pleased that this Sharkk Boombox was built with rubber “feet” placed on the bottom of the speaker in order to avoid slipping or vibrating out of place.

Battery Life

  • The battery life was a major positive that we noticed throughout our analysis of consumer reviews. Users stated that the advertised battery life was accurate and maybe even a little modest. This long battery life allowed users to make use of this speaker for multiple days without recharging

Bluetooth Performance

  • A common issue we often see with Bluetooth speakers is trouble with a consistent connection. Many speakers tend to cut in and out of a solid signal. We found this to be a non-issue with the Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox as users often stated that the signal remained consistent. Reviews also commented on the accuracy of the advertised 30 foot Bluetooth range with some users even stating that even through multiple walls the signal stayed strong.

Easy to Use

  • Another common issue faced by Bluetooth speaker users is the complexity of use and setup. Many consumer reviews commented on the ease with which they were able to pair their phones. They went on to say the buttons on this speaker were intuitive to use and were picked up quite quickly by the users. This was especially seen with users that had NFC technology. By simply tapping their phone to the speaker they could instantly connect.


The Bad

Voice Announcements

  • The only flaw we saw in our analysis of reviews was the voice announcements present in this speaker. Users stated that the voice commands could be quite loud which some users who wanted to use this speaker in quieter settings found to be a flaw in this speaker.


Overall the consumer reviews of this speaker were incredibly positive namely the sound quality and volume output of this speaker. Very few speakers of this size can offer the quality of sound that is seen in the Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker. Users often stated they had previously purchased speakers in this price range and had never found the sound quality and output to be near this level. The battery life and consistent Bluetooth signal were also seen heavily throughout our review analysis. Users we quite pleased with the consistency and quality that this device offered to its users. The one issue that we saw in reviews we found to be a relatively minor flaw and something that very few users would have an issue with. The consumers reviews of this device overwhelmingly recommended this speaker to anyone looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker for an inexpensive price.

Sharkk wireless 4.0 Boombox Speaker Review

Bang For Your Buck

This is one of the major reason we are so high on the Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox speaker. Though its sound quality and output are impressive on their own, it is even more so for this speaker’s inexpensive price. At this price, you will not find a speaker with a higher quality sound than this Boombox from Sharkk. The features that are offered with this speaker drive the value of this speaker even higher. With the battery life, built in microphone this speaker is a steal at its current price. We believe that this speaker is a great value purchase at its mid-range price as you will not find a higher quality speaker at this price point.



Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker FAQ’s

How do you check the battery life on this speaker?

To check the battery life users can check through the phone while it is connected to the device.

Can I use this speaker while it is charging?

Yes, while this speaker is charging users can still play music without causing any damage.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we have found the Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker to be a great choice for anyone looking to purchase a quality compact Bluetooth speaker for a mid-range price. Yes, there are some higher quality speakers available to consumers but they will come at a much higher price. The sound quality offered by this speaker is unrivaled by anything in this price range. If what you are looking for in a Bluetooth speaker is a quality sound and good value then we suggest you look no further than the Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Boombox Speaker.

Sharkk Bluetooth speaker review


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