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Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones Review | Speaker Authority

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Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones Review

Users looking for an inexpensive and durable pair of headphones are in luck as this device fits the bill. Throughout our Sharper Image Bluetooth headphones review, we found these headphones to be a great discount option for consumers. With tons of features, quality sound and a comfortable fit all for an incredibly low price.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here


Built in Microphone – Users of these headphones are able to answer and complete phone calls hands-free through the headphones Bluetooth technology and built in mic.

30 Foot Bluetooth Range – These headphones can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth devices from up to thirty feet away.

Rechargeable Battery – These Headphones come with a rechargeable battery which lasts for up to ten hours of play or talk time.

Auxiliary Input – This device features an auxiliary input which means that users with non-Bluetooth Compatible devices such as old iPods can still connect to these headphones via an auxiliary cord

Colorful options – These headphones are offered in a ton of different colors all of which can be seen here.

Sharper Image portable Headphones

Build And Fit

These Sharper Image Bluetooth headphones are an over-ear build. Though some users commented on the fact that they felt these headphones were somewhat tighter fit. These users stated that they felt the headphones were closer to on ear rather than over ear. Overall consumers seemed to find that these headphones fit comfortably. This was reflected in consumer reviews in which many users stated they found the headphones easy to wear for long period of time.


Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we seek to find what the consumers of these speakers think in order to get the best understanding of the products quality. To do this we read through hundreds of consumer reviews to find the consensus review of the products. This includes reviews both good and bad in which we summarize for our readers. Here is what they had to say.


The Good

Great Battery Life

  • Users consistently commented on the battery life of the Sharper Image Bluetooth headphones. With a long lasting dependable battery users were quick to recommend this speaker to others looking for Bluetooth headphones with a long lasting charge.


  • Several user reviews commented on the durability of this speaker as they stated they were not worried about throwing these headphones into their bag for the day. Many reviews mentioned the long periods of time in which they had owned their Sharper Image Bluetooth headphones and had yet to face any wear and tear issues.

Sound Quality

  • Consumer reviews of this speaker often mentioned their pleasure with the sound quality that these headphones offered. For wireless headphones of this price users were expecting a much lower quality sound than what was offered with the Sharper Image Bluetooth headphones.

Easy To Pair

  • Another common theme we noticed throughout the reviews was the ease with which users could pair their devices to these headphones

Intuitive To Use

  • Reviews often commented on has easy it was to use the control of the headphones. Many stated that they did away with the manual as the headphones controls worked exactly how they guessed.


The Bad

On Ear/Over Ear

  • The only complaint we saw several times throughout our consumer review analysis was the previously mentioned issue with the fit of the headphones. It seemed some users who tended to have larger fitting heads stated that these headphones pressed against their ears.


In conclusion, we found the reviews of these headphones to be incredibly positive. Users consistently praised the sound quality and battery life of this speaker. Much of the praise came due to the headphones cheap price. At a cost so low users were not prepared to receive the quality they did with the Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones. Minimal complaints were seen throughout our research which leads us to believe that the quality of these headphones is quite good.

Sharper Image wireless Headphones

Bang For Your Buck

For your dollar you will have trouble finding a higher quality headphones than this sharper image model. At this price point we expected to find a knockoff “tin can” sounding pair of headphones that would have very little sound quality. We were presently surprised by these headphones as their sound quality was quite good. Now don’t get us wrong there are many other higher quality headphones but all of those models will come at a higher price range. We believe that if our readers are shopping for Bluetooth Headphones at a discount price than the Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones.


Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones FAQ’s

Will these headphones work with a TV or PS3?

If your TV and PS3 are Bluetooth compatible then yes, you will be able to wirelessly connect to the headphones.


Do these Headphones block out any noise?

Yes, though they are not noise cancelling headphones their over ear padding does block out ambient noise.


The Verdict

In conclusion we have found the Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones to be a great purchase, especially for their incredibly cheap price point. With solid durability and sound quality, we recommend these headphones to our readers looking for a cheap yet serviceable pair of headphones. With plenty of recommendations in the consumer reviews, we found the headphones to be of quite good quality. If what you are looking for in your headphones is inexpensive, durable, and serviceable than the Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphones are a great option.


Sharper Image Bluetooth Headphone Review

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