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Shure SE215 Review | Speaker Authority
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Shure SE215 Review

Our Shure SE215 Earphone review analyze and critique the build and features of these earphones. Customer response to these headphones will be taken into account as well to help consider the product from multiple angles. Our research into these headphones has shown that Shure is a highly respected brand amongst audiophiles and this particular set is a fine way to get a Shure quality product at a more modest price than their high-end headphones.

Price Level: Mid-Range – 




Unique Fit- Shure didn’t become a respected name in the headphone industry by following the norms and that’s why these in-ear earphones come with their own unique method for fitting in the ear. The method involves wrapping the earbud around the ear before insertion and Shure has released an in-depth guide explaining how to get the best fit from your earbuds.

Replaceable Cable- There are few feelings worse than having to get a whole new set of headphones because the cable in your current pair has stopped working. Luckily, the SE215 earphones not only come with a two-year warranty, but they have a cable that can be easily replaced for an affordable price. Shure builds their earphones with durability in mind, but it’s always nice to have a backup plan for extreme situations.

Enhanced Bass- A great dealer of people listen to music specifically to enjoy the deep bass noises and these earphones are built with these people in mind. The SE215 earphones place an emphasis on delivering quality bass sound without sacrificing the overall mix.

Sound Isolation-  Quality sound is almost meaningless if the noises around you prevent you from hearing it and this is why the Se215 earphones have built in sound isolation technology. The sound isolation works against sounds as loud as 37 decibels.


Four Varieties of Eartip Options- Shure places a great emphasis on making comfortable earphones and it is with this in mind that they’ve included four different style of eartips with every pair of earphones they sell. The eartips come in standard, soft, foam, and triple flange style.


Build and Fit

The Shure SE215 earphones are classified as an in-ear headphone, but they are unique in that their exact style of fit is exclusively used by the Shure brand. The earphones wrap around with the form fitting wire and then they are inserted into the ear. This method ensures a fit that is both stable and comfortable. There are four different shapes of eartips included with the earbuds to help in finding the fit that is most comfortable for you.

Public Opinion

In this segment of the review, we focus on in-depth analysis of the consumer reviews of this product. To ensure a fair and well-informed review of this product it’s important to understand the opinions of some of the average consumers. We’ve analyzed hundreds of the most positive, negative and neutral consumer reviews to get a true understanding of the benefits and failings of these earphones. We’ve found several recurring themes in our research of these reviews and we’ve summarized their points below.

The Good

Comfortable Fit

  • Shure places a great emphasis on their unique fit and it would seem they have good reason to do so. Many consumers reported a positive experience with wearing the SE215 earphones as they were both comfortable and stable.

Strong Sound Isolation

  • Every pair of earphones claims to be noise cancelling or sound isolating but few manage to live up to that statement as well as the SE215 earphones. Consumers were astounded at the earphones ability to completely block out ambient noises from sources both far and near to them.

High Quality Sound Balance

  • The Shure SE215 earphones place an emphasis on bass and users were happy to report that the bass was definitely audible while also not overshadowing the rest of the mix. Achieving the proper balance of highs, mids, and lows is no simple task but the SE215 earphones have managed to do it.

Sturdy Build

  • The inclusion of a replaceable cord might lead some to believe these headphones are fragile, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many users commented on the sturdiness of the cable in particular as well as the earphones as a whole. There’s a great sense of comfort that comes with having headphones that feel durable and the Se215 earphones provide that sense of comfort.


The Bad

Appearance Not as Advertised

  • Several reviewers were eager to receive the clear pair of earphones based on its appearance in the picture on the website, but they were disappointed to find their clear earphones were more of a dull silver than the ones depicted on the webpage. While this issue does not affect the performance of the earphones in any way, it can be upsetting for those hoping to have a pair of headphones that is as stylish as it is useful.

Initial Difficulty with Fit

  • One of the Shure brand’s selling points is its unique fit, but this does not mean it is as easy to adjust to as you might hope. The earphones not only come with a unique fit but a wide variety of eartips that are not made available with other brands of headphones. The whole process of finding the proper tip and mastering the unique fit technique was daunting and time-consuming for some users although they did admit that the fit was quite nice once they had figured it out.


Overall public reception of these headphones was extremely positive. The quality of build and sound are hard to match at this price point, especially with the Shure brand name attached. While Shure’s unique fit can be difficult to adjust to, it appears to be worth the effort to achieve an intensely comfortable fit. Fans of visually stunning earphones may want to consider choosing the black model over the clear one as there are some issues with the clear model’s appearance, although not with its performance.

Bang for Your Buck

Shure is a big name brand, but these headphones come in at a reasonable mid-range price point. They may be lacking in some features like remote buttons to interact with your mp3 player or smartphone, but they more than make up for it with sheer quality of sound and build. Shure shows a dedication to its customers with features like the replaceable cable and two-year warranty backing up an already incredibly sturdy pair of headphones.  These headphones definitely justify their cost.


Shure SE215 Earphones FAQ

Are these earphones good for use with a monitor system?

The Shure SE215 earphones were built with monitor systems in mind and thus work great as in-ear monitors.

Will these earphones stay in when I’m exercising and are they water resistant?

Shure earphones are built to be as stable as possible and should withstand even the most vigorous workout routine. The earphones are also resistant to water and sweat so you don’t have to worry when you’re at the gym or in the rain.

The Verdict

Through extensive research and personal study, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Shure SE215 headphones are definitely a strong set of earphones that are worth purchasing. The quality sound mix and unique Shure fit are the biggest selling points, but there’s so much more to these headphones. A focus on durability and sound isolation means you’ll get to enjoy the comfort and sound of these earphones for quite some time. The Shure brand name usually comes at a high price but these earphones come at the mid-range point which is all the more reason to pick these headphones up.


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