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Shure SE425 Review | Speaker Authority

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Shure SE425 Review

Our Shure SE425 review will take an in-depth look at the build and features of these earphones. Consumer reception of these headphones will be taken into account as well to help determine the pros and cons of this product. Our research has shown that Shure is a respected brand in the audiophile community and that these high-end earbuds are largely deemed worth the high price they carry.

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Unique Fit- While the Shure earbuds do classify as in-ear headphones they are not worn in exactly the same fashion as the standard in-ear headphone. Users are encouraged to wrap the earbuds around their ear before inserting them in the ear and the formable wire used in these headphones makes this process easy. Shure has released an in-depth guide explaining how to get the best fit from your earbuds.

Replaceable Cable- The Shure SE425 earphones come with a formidable cable that is unlikely to lose out to wear and tear, but in the unlikely event that they do, Shure has made them detachable from the actual earbud part of these headphones. This means you don’t have to drop another $300 on a new set of earphones if the cable breaks, all you have to do is replace the cable. Shure earphones also include a (2) year warranty.

Sound Isolation-  Noises outside of your headphones can be a very distracting experience but the Shure SE425 earphones solve this problem by isolating ambient noise as loud as 37 decibels. This means that you won’t have to turn your volume up to ear damaging levels just to hear your music in public places.

Two (2) Distinct Styles- The Shure SE425 comes in two different colors allowing for some variety for the wearer. Users can choose the clear version, which shows off the inner workings of the earphones, or the metallic silver version which offers a simple, sleek look.

Four (4) Varieties of Eartip Options- Shure understands that not everyone has the same shape and size of ear and as such they’ve packaged several different sizes and styles of different eartips with each pair of earphones. You can choose between standard, soft, foam, and triple flange tips, which help in getting the perfect fit for your ear.

Shure Earbuds review

Build and Fit

The Shure SE425 earphones are an in-ear headphone with their own unique fit style. They wrap around the ear for maximum stability and their forming wire makes the wrapping process easy and comfortable. There are (4) different shapes of eartips included with the earbuds to ensure that every user can find the best fit for their optimal listening experience.

Public Opinion

In this portion of the review, we take an in-depth look at consumer reviews of this product. To ensure an accurate review of this product it’s important to understand the average consumer’s opinion. We’ve analyzed hundreds of both positive and negative consumer reviews to get a clear look at the good and bad features of these earphones. We’ve summarized these reviews to focus on the major recurring themes we found in our research. Here are what the consumers had to say about Shure earphones.

The Good

Comfortable Fit

  • Shure has made their unique style of in-ear fit one of the. biggest selling points of these earphones and consumer response to this selling point is overwhelmingly positive. The unique style provides a stable fit that can’t be beat and the inclusion of multiple different eartips ensures that any user can form a perfect seal between their ears and the earbuds.

Excellent Build

  • Cheap earphones have a tendency to break and one might think that tendency extends to every kind of earphone there is, but Shure shatters that illusion with the high durability of the SE425 model. Consumers frequently mentioned how the earphone cord felt sturdy while also being comfortable when wrapped around their ear. Users also lauded the light feel of the product.

High Quality Sound

  • The Shure SE425 earphones boast Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers speakers which provide a clean, crisp audio experience. Users were quick to praise the quality of sound emitted by these speakers, especially when coupled with the sound isolating capabilities of the earbuds.

Visual Appeal

  • It can be difficult to make a fashion statement with earbuds due to their small size but Shure has found a way to make these earphones visually pop. Users were enthused by the appearance of their earphones, regardless of whether they choose the intricate clear design or the smooth, simple, metallic silver style.


The Bad

Loss of Low End

  • While a great deal of reviewers are satisfied with the overall sound quality of the SE425 earphones, there is a large group of reviewers who complained about a lack of bass coming through their earbuds. Some of these complaints might be dismissed due to the users not forming a proper seal in their ears but plenty of alleged audiophiles have chimed in stating that this wasn’t the case for them. If you’re picking up a set of earphones specifically to enjoy some bass noise, then you might want to keep these complaints in mind.

Earbud Disconnecting Too Easily

  • The replaceable cord of the SE425 allows users more flexibility in fixing their earphones but some users have noted that this feature means that the earbuds can be accidentally detached from the cord a little too easily. Users primarily noted this mishap occurring when they were putting the earbuds in which means it’s not likely to happen in the middle of your workout routine, but it can still be inconvenient.


Public reception of these earphones was positive overall. The durable build, snug fit, and clear sound quality are where Shure really delivers on this product and shows why they’re such a respected brand. The loss of bass sound in the mix is a cause for some concern, but there’s enough debate over the issue that it might just be a matter of taste.

SE425 Earphones review

Bang for Your Buck

The Shure SE425 earphones aren’t shy about being in the high-end price range. Their large price tag is nothing to scoff at but Shure does a lot to ensure that price is justifiable. The focus on comfortable fit and crisp sound is standard for any headphone company but Shure shows the extra benefits of high-end headphones with its replaceable cable model and the carry case that comes included with this model. These earphones are a big purchase to make, but they may be the last pair of earphones you purchase for quite some time.


Shure SE425 Earphones FAQ

How long is the cable that it comes with?

The cable is approximately 1.5m or 5ft.

Will these earphones stay in when I’m exercising?

These Shure earphones are specifically built to have a snug fit that should stay in place even during rigorous physical activity. The SE425 is also resistant to sweat.

The Verdict

Our research and personal findings throughout our Shure SE425 review have led us to the conclusion that the Shure SE425 Earphones are a purchase worth making. Shure uses these earphones to show their commitment to delivering a unique and satisfying listening experience by offering their own take on a comfortable in-ear fit and producing clear, crisp audio. These are an excellent set of high-end earphones for those willing to pay the high-end price.

Shure SE425 Earbuds review

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