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Skullcandy Uprock Review | Speaker Authority

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Skullcandy Uprock review

Throughout our Skullcandy Uprock review, we found these headphones to be one of the best value purchases available to consumers. With an incredibly low price and some quality sound these headphones from Skullcandy are sure to impress. If you are looking for a discount pair of headphones that can still get the job done then the Skullcandy Uprock are a great choice for you.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



Lightweight- These headphones weigh only 0.26 pounds making them easily portable.

Max Input Power of  120Mv – This input power is quite large despite these headphones inexpensive price.

Adjustable Settings – Users of these headphones can adjust them on either side for a more comfortable fit.

Tangle Free Wire – The flat rubber tangle free design of the headphones wire avoids the daily annoyance of tangled wires.

Plenty Of Color Options – These headphones are offered in over seventeen colors all of which can be seen here.

Skullcandy Uprock headphones review

Public Opinion

In this section of our Skullcandy Uprock review, we look to read the consumer thoughts on these headphones. We do this in order to gain a better understanding of how consumers received this product. We believe that by understanding the consumer thoughts on this topic we can help our readers understand the quality of the product. To get the consumer thoughts we read over hundred consumer reviews from all over the web and summarize them for our readers. Here is what the owners of the Skullcandy Uprock headphones had to say.


The Good


Sound Quality

  • The major theme we saw throughout our review analysis was the mention of the sound quality of these speakers. Nearly every review we came across spoke of the surprisingly high sound quality that these speakers offered. For the incredibly low price of these headphones, users were not expecting a quality sound but that is exactly what they got. Users of this headphones were quick to recommend these headphones to those searching for an inexpensive pair of headphones with quality sound.


  • Many users wrote reviews on these headphones mentioned the durability that was offered by these speakers. With many of these users stating they had these headphones for multiple years and have seen little wear and tear. Users stated that at the cheap price they were surprised that these speakers had this level of durability.


  • Another major point we saw throughout our analysis of customer reviews was the comfort that these headphones offered. The reviews stated that over long periods of use the headphones remained comfortable.

Sound Isolation

  • Though these are not noise canceling headphones many user reviews still mentioned their ability to block out sound. Due to the Skullcandy Uprock headphones over ear design users found that they did a good job cancelling out surrounding noise. Consumer appreciated this perk as it did not force them to turn up the volume in order to drown out exterior noises.


  • The most common factor we saw in the consumer reviews were the mention of this speakers value. Being priced so low many consumers were not expecting the quality they received with these speakers. Many reviews stated they bought these speakers as a cheap pair for travel but we surprised to find the quality that they offered. Nearly all the reviews we came across were quick to recommend  these speakers for anyone looking for an inexpensive pair of headphones that can still produce some quality sound.

The Bad

No Microphone

  • Many headsets these days come with a built in mic. This is something consumer hoped these headphones would come equipped with.


Overall we found the consumer reviews of these headphones to be extremely positive. With nearly every review we came across recommending this speaker to other consumers. The main things users of these heapdhones enjoyed were the sound quality and comfort. Especially at the Skullcandy Uprock’s low price users were surprised by the quality these headphones offered in both of these categories. Many of the reviews we came across mentioned they had previously owned many other inexpensive headphones prior to purchasing this pair. Nearly every review we came across that mentioned this went to reccomend these headphones over their previous choices. All in all cosumers heavily recommended these headphones to anyone looking for an inexpensive yet qulity pair of headphones.

Skullcandy headphone review

Bang For Your Buck

This section of the review is where these headphones truly excel. Though there are many options available to consumers that offer a higher qulaity sound than the Skullcandy Uprocks none of those options come at this price point. The value that consumers recieve from purchasing these headphones is much higher than the price. With a durable build and quality sound users of these heapdhones always seemed to be pleased with this product. The incredibly low price that Skullcandy sells these headphones for makes them an great value purchase for any consumer. If you are looking to find an inexpensive pair of headphones than these Skullcandy Uprocks are a great value option.


Skullcandy Uprock FAQ’s

Are these headphones compatible with a cellphone/iPhone?

Yes, any device with an auxiliary output can be connected to the headphones via the auxiliary coord.


How long is the cord of these headphones?

The cord is roughly thirty six inches in length.


The Verdict

In conclusion we have foudn that these Uprock Headphones by Skullcandy are a great option for anyone looking for an inexpensive pair of headphones. The sound quality that is offered with these headphones is not matched by any competitors in this price range. They offer great durability to consumers and tend to last for a long time. Their soft ear padding makes them a comfortable fit for long periods of time. Overall these headphones offer users a quality build and sound for inexpensive price. As we have stated earlier if you are looking to buy the highest quality headphones there are many superior options but those will com eat much higher price tags. If you are looking for a inexpensive pair of headphones that will still offer some quality sound then look no further than the Skullcandy Uprock headphones.


Skullcandy Uprock Review

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