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Sony SRS X5 Review | Speaker Authority

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Sony SRS X5 Review

We live in an age where portable Bluetooth speakers have become incredibly popular. Due to this increase consumer demand there is now an over abundance of options that are offered out on the market, all of which offer unique and interesting features.For this Sony SRS X5 review, I will specifically be talking about Sony’s SRS X5 portable Bluetooth speaker. It is the middle tier out of five models offered in this line of speakers by Sony. Each of which have little and big differences depending on how far up or down you go on the totem pole. However, you will see in this review why the X5 is the best option and, even more so, one of our new favorites in its category.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check the current price



  • Dual Radiator Subwoofer –The 20 W power of this device’s sound is a result of a two radiator and a subwoofer system!


  • 8 Hour Battery –With such good features you definitely don’t want them to be short lived. It has the highest battery of its line with 8 hours being the standard duration of battery. Note that depending on settings you use that this amount could be lower.


  • Source Device Charging –Through USB you can plug up your charger cable and sustain your smartphone’s battery.


  • Awesome Design-The X5 sound must come packed tight because it is in a relatively small design. It is simple but cool, and comes in three colors: black, red, and white.


  • Hands-Free Calling –A standout feature, no doubt, of this device is its hands-free calling feature. It is both a useful and extremely easy to use feature. All it takes is a simple push of a button.
  • Very Portable – It is small and easy to carry around. It feels heavy for its size, but it is nothing that will weigh on your arm.


  • Awesome Sound – It doesn’t take long to realize that the sound of the X5 is pretty amazing. It is both full and clear.


  • AUX – Adding even more variation to the devices that you can use is the auxiliary port.


Sony SRS x5 portable speaker review


Public Opinion

It is always a good thing to be unbiased. Because of that we like to analyze and present reviews, both good and bad, of products. For the X5, we did just that. We went through many different reviews and feedback from other users to find common pros and cons. This also helps because it may bring to light things that we may have missed or simply features that we had different opinions on.


The Good




  • Sound – All of the high reviews of this device mention the sound being one of the best parts. Especially because it is such a small device with such a punch. It has a very low rate of sound loss, and presents sound power that is both wide and deep. The clean and clear sound of this little monster is definitely a fan favorite.


  • Durability and Design – The X5 doesn’t feel cheap or easily breakable. Multiple people report it feeling top of the line and of highest quality. Most of all, it looks good. It is as simple as can be but at the same time has a classic and cool look.


  • Hands-Free Calling – Because of this feature and its incredible ease of use, there is no doubt popularity here.


  • Easy To Use – Everything from setting up Bluetooth to using the hands-free calling is extremely user-friendly.


  • Battery Life – There are some speakers out there with more battery life, however, the 8-hour life that the X5 is rated for was found to be more than enough for most users.


  • AUX – Includes an AUX port for easy use. People are loving this feature so that they can use it with outdated devices or TVs.


  • USB Charging – The feature of being able to charge your audio source through USB is, like we said earlier, definitely icing on the cake.

Sony SRS X5 Wireless speaker review


The Bad


  • Fingerprints – A part of the design that a few reviewers didn’t like was that it attracted fingerprints. It is not a horrible flaw but nothing is perfect.


Overall the reviews of Sony’s X5 were extremely good. There were hardly any negativity in reviews and there was nothing to fret about when there was. At one point we decided to deliberately look for bad reviews or at least a trend of negativity in the reviews. Even then we could not find anything more a few negatives. We also found that there was a wide variety of people and uses  available with the X5. If one were to base their purchase decision solely on reviews online then they would no doubt buy this product.


Bang for Your Buck

The retail price of Sony’s SRS X5 is currently a mid tier priced speaker which we believe a fair price to pay. The Sony SRS as many online goods has a price that often changes so we suggest our users check the current price on amazon. From our research, we found that the Sony SRS X5 Bluetooth speaker was a great value purchase due to its superb sound quality and multitude of features. Users will have trouble finding a better quality speaker than the sony SRS x5 at this price level.


Sony SRS X5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s?

What colors does the X5 come in?

Red, white, and black.



This concludes our Sony SRS X5 review, we did a lot of in-depth experimentation and research into the product and what people thought about it. Everyone not only loved the product but was blown away by its small design and big output. The best part of about the X5 was that it can be used by anyone for multiple purposes. This is clearly shown by the feedback given by consumers. In the end we can say, with no doubt in our minds, that the classic and simple design of the X5 paired with amazing sound and a current price point is definitely worth the purchase for anyone.


Sony SRS Bluetooth speaker review

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