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Soundbeats QY7 Earbuds Review

Our Soundbeats QY7 Earbuds review will be focused on breaking down the features and functionality of these headphones, as well as consumer reviews and responses to this product. Through the course of our review it became apparent that SoundPEATS QY7 earphones are a respectable model, especially when considering their low-range price point.

Price Level: Low-Range –  


 Bluetooth Connectivity- The QY7 model is designed to be a budget-conscious wireless headphone and this wireless connection is achieved through Bluetooth. The QY7 can connect to devices as far as 50 feet away.

6-Hour Battery Life-  Battery life is always a concern with wireless headphones and the QY7 earphones provide a solid 6 hours of playback on a single charge. This means you can enjoy your music for extended periods of time without stressing out about your remaining battery life.

Sweat Resistance-  Wireless earbuds are built to be taken everywhere and SoundPEATS has taken that idea to heart by making these earphones resistant to sweat, rain, and the like. You can take these earbuds to the gym and the great outdoors without worrying about damaging them.

Multiple Colors- It can be difficult to personalize your earphones given their small size but SoundPEATS makes personalization easier by making the QY7 model available in a variety of different and unique colors.

Noise Cancelling-  You don’t have to worry about the outside world interfering with you and your music thanks to the Adopted CVC Version 6.0 noise cancellation technology built into the QY7 headphones. Noise cancellation ensures you won’t miss a beat of the HD stereo sound provided by these earphones.

Build and Fit

The SoundPEATS QY7 earphones are wireless, in-ear style earbuds. This style of earbud can be troublesome for maintain stability in the ear but SoundPEATS has developed an ‘ear hook’ component that helps secure the earbud inside the ear. The QY7 model also comes with a variety of differently sized eartips to assist in getting the perfect fit for each user.

Public Opinion

In this portion of the review, we subject consumer reviews of this product to our in-depth analytical process. This process ensures an accurate review of the product by providing a clear understanding of the average consumer response. We’ve analyzed hundreds of both positive and negative consumer reviews to get an accurate depiction of the good and bad features of these earphones. We’ve summarized these reviews to focus on the major recurring themes we found in our research. Here are what the consumers had to say about SoundPEATS earphones.

The Good

Balanced Sound Output

  • It can be difficult to find a pair of headphones that properly mixes the bass and treble. Users were quite pleased with the balance found in the QY7 and many noted that the bass output on these earbuds was particularly exquisite.

Strong Connectivity

  • Consumers were wildly impressed with how fast the connection process is with these headphones. Not only is the connection process quick, but the connection itself is very strong with people reporting no issues with distances over 30 feet from the paired device. A strong wireless connection is integral to a good pair of wireless headphones and the QY7s deliver in this department.

In-Ear Stability

  • Earbuds are at their best when they stay in your ears and the QY7 earbuds do just that. Many people remarked on the earphones’ ability to stay in place during intense workouts and long runs without issue. Some users were initially confused by the ‘ear hook’ component but they ended up being quite pleased with it once they figured it out.

Resistance to Liquids

  • An earbud that stays in during a workout is useless if it can’t withstand some sweat. Luckily, the QY7 promises sweat resistance and it lives up to that promise. Users were quite pleased to note that no damage occurred to their earbuds as a result of contact with liquids, be it sweat or otherwise.

Quality Microphone

  • A built-in microphone on earbuds can often be seen as an afterthought, but consumers were pleasantly surprised to find this wasn’t the case with the QY7 earbuds. The sound quality was crisp and the microphone was effective at picking up desired sounds while leaving out excess noises.


The Bad

Stiff cable

  • The QY7 earbuds are wireless but they’re connected to each other via a small cable. This cable is intended to rest on the back of the neck when they are use. Some reviewers have complained that the cable is quite uncomfortable in this position and the stiffness makes it difficult to adjust the way it lies on the back of the neck. Comfort is an important issue when it comes to headphones but an issue this small is easy enough to work around or fix if you use a little creativity.

Short Charging Cord

  • A great deal of reviewers were upset with the length of the micro USB charging cable (roughly 6-7 inches). This issue is a minor inconvenience overall but you might want to see if you have a spare micro USB charger kicking around if the cable that comes with the headphones is not to your liking.


Overall, the reviews for the SoundPEATS QY7 earbuds are largely positive and it’s easy to see why. The sound quality and stability are two big selling points for any pair of earbuds and the QY7 earbuds truly excel in those areas.  There are a couple of mild issues with the charging cord and the stiff cable but these are easy issues to fix.

Bang for Your Buck

This pair of headphones is a remarkable find for the low-range price bracket. There is overwhelming positivity surrounding these headphones and very few issues to speak of. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a pair of headphones but still want quality sound and comfort, then the SoundPEATS QY7 earbuds are absolutely the safest purchase you can make.

Soundbeats QY7 Headphones FAQ

How close do the headphones need to be to the streaming device?

The QY7 earbuds can connect to a device from 50 feet away though you may notice some connectivity issues after the 40ft mark.

How long does a single battery charge last?

A single charge of the QY7 earbuds will last approximately 4-6 hours.


The Verdict

The Soundbeats QY7 Review earbuds truly stand up to the scrutiny of our market research and personal findings and as such we strongly recommend these headphones. The price is unbeatable, especially when you factor in the high sound quality, water resistance, and excellent wireless connection. The QY7 earbuds show that you don’t need to shell out top dollar to get a quality product. The few negative features of these headphones are very minor and easy to work around which is remarkable for a pair of headphones in the low price bracket.


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