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Soundbot SB571 Review | Speaker Authority

Soundbot SB571 Review | Speaker Authority
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Soundbot SB571 Review

Throughout this Soundbot SB571 review we will show our readers our thoughts on this device and why it has found itself as one of the top twenty selling speakers on Amazon. The Soundbite at first glance is another run of the mill compact Bluetooth speaker but upon a second look, we found that this speaker was quite impressive, especially at it’s incredibly low price point.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here


  • Bluetooth Compatible – This speaker is Bluetooth compatible which means users can connect with this speaker wirelessly from up to 33 feet away with other Bluetooth devices.
  • Two 40mm Drivers – This offers users a deep bass and crystal clear sound
  • Rechargeable Battery – This speaker boasts a battery life of up to twelve hours of wireless play time
  • Easily portable – Weighing only 1.1 pounds this speaker offers easy portability for its users.
  • Auxiliary port – This speaker has a 3.5mm auxiliary port which allows users to connect older non-Bluetooth devices such as old iPods to this speaker.
  • Built in Microphone – Soundbot owners can use this feature to make hands-free calls through their Bluetooth speaker

Soundbot Bluetooth speaker review

Soundbot SB571 Public Opinion


In this section of the review we look to the consumers to get a better understanding of the product. We believe that by understanding what the consumer think of this product we will be better equipped to review this speaker accurately. To do this we analyzed hundred of consumer reviews from all of the web both good and bad and summarized their thoughts. Here is what they had to say.


The good

Great Sound

  • Users of the Soundbot were very impressed with this devices sound quality. Though this speaker is meant for more casual use and in smaller settings it still is able to produce some quality sounds. With many comparisons done with other leading competitors it seemed the Soundbot SB571 always came out on top in consumer reviews.

Consistent Bluetooth Connection

  • The biggest gripe we see with Bluetooth speakers is their ability to stay connected to Bluetooth devices such as phones and tablets. Many users become upset with devices inability to stay connected and their tendency to cut in and out. This is not the case with the Soundbot as we found this to be one of the main pros seen in consumer reviews. Reviewers of this speaker often commented on the consistency of this speaker stating that it always stays connected when within it’s 33 foot range.

Great Value

  • One of the major points we saw in many of the consumer reviews was the great value of the product. Users consistently spoke on the value that this speaker brings for its incredibly low price. The majority of users understood that at this price point this device won’t be producing sound at the level of Bose or Peachtree speakers but compared to other speakers at it’s price point the Soundbot offered some incredible sound.

Loud Volume

  • Users were also quite impressed with the volume outputs that the Soundbot had to offer. Most speakers of this size contain three watts of power while the Soundbot contains six. Though this speaker is loud for its size and price we want to clarify this speaker will not be loud enough to host large parties.

The Bad

Voice Commands

  • The main gripe with this speaker was the sound of the voice command. Reviewers seemed to find the voice commands annoying as when they are playing they will interrupt the music. Overall we found this to be more of a minor inconvenience that a major flaw with this speaker.


All in all the reviews of this speaker were quite positive and consumers seemed to be quite pleased with the product. The users were especially appreciative of the speakers sound quality and volume output for it’s inexpensive price. Any other speakers in this price point will have troubling living up to the standard that the Soundbot has set. The consumers complaints were few and far between with the only downfall we saw mentioned in multiple reviews were comments regarding this portable speaker’s voice commands. Users overwhelming recommended this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive portable Bluetooth speaker.

Soundbot SB571 Review

Bang For Your Buck

This is the part of the review that we believe the Soundbot truly exceeds expectations. At its incredibly low price point consumers often were expecting a “tin can” sound to accompany this speaker. This could not be further from the truth as we found this speakers sound to be of good quality, especially for its price. Though this speaker isn’t going to rival the expensive or big name brands it still offers consumers some serious sound quality for a small price. If users are purchasing speakers at this price point they will have trouble finding a speaker of this quality and with this amount of features. We found the Soundbot to be a great value purchase for anyone looking for an inexpensive portable Bluetooth speaker that can produce some quality sound.


Soundbot SB571 FAQ’s

Is this Speaker loud Enough for a backyard BBQ Party?

Most likely not, if you only have a few guests this speaker will produce enough volume but far larger parties you would need a more powerful speaker. We would suggest checking out our post on best outdoor Bluetooth speakers for a louder speaker which would be more appropriate for an outdoor BBQ.


Can I play the Soundbot SB571 while it is charging?

Yes, using this speaker while it charges will have no negative eaffects on the device.


The Verdict

In conclusion of our Soundbot SB571 review we found that this speaker is an awesome choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker. This device offers tons of features and some incredible sound for it’s inexpensive price. The consumer reviews of this product were overwhelmingly positive and had users suggesting this speaker to anyone looking to buy. We are not surprised by this speaker is one of the top selling Bluetooth speakers on amazon as it is with good reason. We suggest anyone looking to buy an inexpensive and portable speaker for great value look into the Soundbot SB571.


Soundbot SB571 wireless speaker



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