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Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker Review | Speaker Authority

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Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker Review

Throughout this Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker review, we will analyze the SP258 model, an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker that can pack a punch. This device offers a surprising amount of sound output and features for it’s incredibly low price. With easy portability and durability this speaker is a great choice if looking for a budget Bluetooth speaker.


Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price Here



Built In Speakerphone – Users of this speaker can use the built in microphone to make hands-free calls.

Silicone Exterior – This Sylvania Bluetooth speaker is coated with a silicone exterior which cushions it’s landings making it completely drop proof

Bluetooth Compatible – This speaker can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth devices for wireless music streaming.

Auxiliary input – This device has a 3.5mm auxiliary input. This allows users to connect their non-Bluetooth devices such as old iPods to this speaker.

8-hour Battery – This portable speaker comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that will last up to eight hours per charge.

Lightweight and portable – This speaker weighs only half a pound making it easy for users to carry around for the day


Public Opinion

In this section of the review, we hope to gain a better understanding of what the consumers really think about this speaker. We believe there is no better way to grasp how our readers will receive the speaker than to talk to the end consumers themselves. To do this we read over hundreds of verified purchase reviews. We then summarize all the thoughts both good and bad that we find through reading consumers reviews and display them to our readers. Here is what they had to say.


The Good

Sound Quality

  • Something we saw mentioned in many of the consumer reviews of the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker was this speaker’s sound quality. Users seemed to be quite surprised with the quality of sound the device was able to produce. That being said this speaker will not rival higher end speakers such as Bose in terms of sound quality but for this price point you will have trouble finding a better sounding speaker.

Easy Portability

  • Reviews of the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker often spoke of the device’s easy portability. With its weight of only a half pound users found this speaker quite easy to carry around. Paired with this speaker’s durability users were not worried about throwing this speaker into the bag for the day as the silicone exterior protected it from damage.

Good Build

  • Users of this speaker mentioned that the build of this speaker felt sturdy, solid, and overall well made.

Battery Life

  • Reviewers also seemed to be quite pleased with the devices battery life.  Users stated it lasted for the advertised 8-hours making was perfect for day trips.

Volume Output

  • Users of the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker seemed quite content with this speaker’s volume output. For its small size and inexpensive price this speaker can put out a fair amount of volume. Though it won’t come close to larger and more expensive speaker’s, this device has solid sound output for its price.


The Bad

Bluetooth Range

  • Somer users thought that the Bluetooth range of this speaker was lacking. Though they don’t advertise a specific Bluetooth range, the consensus from users was that it was roughly twenty feet. Though this is a smaller range than most Bluetooth speakers we believe this issue will not effect most users of this device.


Overall the consumers of this speaker seemed to be very pleased with this devices output. With the vast majority of the reviews we came across being incredibly positive we  are even more sure of our decision to recommend this Bluetooth speaker to our readers. The majority of the positives of this speaker was its ability to produce sound despite its inexpensive price. Time and time again we read over consumer reviews that mentioned their surprise after unboxing this speaker and seeing what it could do. We believe that the vast majority of consumers recommending this speaker is a great indicator of this speaker’s quality.


Bang For Your Buck

This section is where this speaker tends to excel. With an incredibly low price point, this speaker blows all cheap speaker stereotypes out of the water. Many users expected to hear a “tin can” sound when purchasing a speaker at this price point, that is not the case with this Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker. Though the sound quality and volume output is not up to par with speakers sitting at the one hundred dollar price range this speaker still puts out some quality sound. At this price users of this speaker were quite happy to recieve the sound, portability, and durability offered by this device. If you are shopping for a Bluetooth speaker at this price point then you will have trouble finding a better sounding more durable option than the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker.



Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s

Does this speaker come in any colors other than Black?

Yes, this speaker is also offered in pink which can be seen below.

Sylvania SP258 review


How do I pair this speaker with my phone?

The pairing process with this speaker is actually quite simple. Once Bluetooth is turned on, on your mobile device you should see a list of devices with which you can pair. If your Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker is on it should be on this list. You then must click the speaker as the device that you would like to connect to and you should be paired up.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we have found this speaker to be a great option for anyone looking for an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker. Loaded with features and offering a durability and portability there is not much else this speaker could offer. The sound output and quality of this speaker is incredible for its price. Though the speaker doesn’t match up with higher end speakers it is a great value purchase that is perfect for listening in small groups or by oneself. If what you want in your Bluetooth speaker is sound quality, durability and portability all for a cheap price, then the Sylvania Bluetooth Speaker is a great choice.

Sylvania portable Speaker review

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