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UE Roll Review| Speaker Authority

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UE Roll Review

Throughout our UE Roll Review we determined that this tiny speaker is the cream of the crop for handheld Bluetooth speakers. You will not find a louder and more durable speaker pack of this size no matter where you look. Weighing only 11.7 ounces this speaker is perfect for carrying around for just about any activity. It comes with a small bungee cord which allows users to attach to their bike, backpack or really any practical object. This makes this the ideal speaker for active music lovers who are looking for a hassle free way of bringing music along for their adventures.

 Price Level: Mid Range – Check current Price here


  • Waterproof up to one meter – This speaker’s tough exterior makes splash and rain proof as well as one meter of submersion
  • 65ft Bluetooth range – Any Bluetooth-compatible devices can connect to this speaker from up to sixty-five feet away
  • Marine grade Bungee cord – This portable speaker comes with a tough bungee so you can bring it anywhere with ease.
  • 360 Degree sound – This device’s unique design allows for the speaker to project sound evenly in all angles.
  • 9-hour battery life – This speaker comes with a built in rechargeable 9 hour battery meaning it can remain wireless for a whole day of fun.
  • Pairable with any other UE speaker
  • Alarm clock feature

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Public Opinion

            Much like our other reviews of UE products were found the customers thoroughly enjoy the product. The customer reviews are weighed quite heavily in our reviews and was one of the major reasons why we choose the UE roll as our loudest handheld Bluetooth speaker.


The good

  • Very loud– Reviewers stated that they could not hold this tiny speaker near their face at full volume as It was uncomfortably loud. They also commented on the non-existence of distortion even at high volume levels.
  • Bungee Cord– This feature allows it to be the most portable speaker we have reviewed. The clip-able bungee cord allows you to bring this speaker anywhere with ease and it is reflected in the reviews.
  • Water Proof– Users of this speaker told there stories of taking this speaker tubing and it holding up to the elements. Also allows for you to wash the speaker at home if it happens to get dirty. Also great for showers!
  • 360 Degree Sound – Reviewers comments on the ease of listening to this speaker due to its ability to emit sound in every direction.
  • App– The UE roll allows the users to control the music and volume through the app be it on their smartphone or computer. Several reviewers commented on how helpful this was to not have to manually change it on the speaker.

The bad

  • No real negative comments for this model


The consumers who purchased this product all seemed to have very positive experiences with it. The most common pros mentioned were by far the amount of volume this handheld speaker could emit as well as the great portability. We thought one user said it best “ You might find better sound at higher price ranges, but those speakers will not be able to go where this ones does. My Bose can stay on my desk, this one comes with me”

UE Roll Review




Bang for your Buck:

This handheld Bluetooth speaker is the best value you are going to get if your looking for a speaker fora Bluetooth under one hundred dollars. It’s sound is comparable to many speakers twice its cost and is shockingly loud for its size. Don’t waste your money spending an extra hundred dollars to get a brand name like Bose, listen to the consumers and choose the best product.


The Verdict:

If you couldn’t tell already we love the UE boom, it packs so much noise into a small package while also offering portability that cannot be matched. Active readers who are looking for a fairly cheap option to bring along on their adventures the UE roll is the speaker for you.

You can check it out for yourself here!amazon button


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