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Ultimate Ears Boom Review |Speaker Authority

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Ultimate Ears Boom Review

This high-quality Bluetooth speaker is as good as it gets when looking for volume on a compact Bluetooth speaker.  Throughout this Ultimate Ears Boom Review we will describe the features as well as the public opinion on this awesome little device. Of all the wireless speakers this size, the UE Boom offers the clearest and loudest sound. It’s largest competitor would likely be either the Bose mini or the Fugoo which both have review sections filled with users stating how they switched over to the UE BOOM due to its superior volume output(It’s louder). This speaker weighs 1.2 pounds and is available in several different colors which can be seen here.

Price Level: Mid Range – Check current price here


  • 360 Degree speaker – This speaker’s unique design allows for it project sound equally in all directions.
  • Easily portable – This speaker’s unique water bottle-like shape and weight of only 1.2 pounds allows for easy portability.
  • Water and stain Resistant – The UE Boom’s plasma coating on its exterior makes this speaker pretty much life proof.
  • 50 Foot Bluetooth range – Bluetooth compatible devices can connect with this speaker from up to fifty feet away.
  • Multiple speaker syncing capabilities – Users of the UE Boom can pair up multiple Ue Boom speakers for increased volume
  • 15 Hour Battery Life – This speakers battery life will have it lasting for up to 15 hours of music playtime.

 Ultimate Ears Boom Review


Public Opinion

            The public review for this speaker was very interesting as the vast majority of the reviewers had previously owned or currently owned a different Bluetooth speaker but were looking for an upgrade. The majority of those that bought this model stumble upon it after purchasing one of the more common brands such as Bose. This ended up with the consumer having the unique opportunity to compare and contrasts models. Throughout our UE Boom review we concluded that consumers seemed much more pleased with this model than any of their prior owned speakers. Now let’s see what exactly the consumers liked better.


The Good

  • Very Loud – When running sounds test between the UE Boom and competitors it consistently held its own in not only being a louder speaker but also less distorted speaker at high volumes. They also often mentioned this speakers ability to project sound evenly in every angle which  makes the device appear much louder.
  • Sturdy/ Well Made – Many reviewers commented on the quality materials used to make this product as it is quite sturdy. With its water and stain proof capabilities users were very impressed with the durability of this speaker.
  • Portability – Small size allows for great portability, several users remarked on how it fit almost perfectly into water bottles cages for use when biking.

The Bad

  • Long Term Battery – A Few users complained that after a few good years of use the battery began to die out and would no longer last for the 15-hour length.


Overall the consumers of the product heavily reviewed it in a positive manner with the vast majority choosing a 5/5 star rating. The community seemed quite impressed especially with the level of volume and the quality of sound produced by this speaker. With its durability levels and its unique features we are not surprised tht the UE Boom is one of the most popular speakers on the market today.

 Ue Boom review


Bang for your Buck: This speaker is a steal at this price. Your initial reaction may be to assume this to be expensive due to its small size but the sound that comes out of the UE boom speaks for itself. Many speakers within the Ue Boom’s price range offer the same quality sound, but none offer this sound quality as well as the durability that the UE Boom brings to the table.


The Verdict: The UE Boom is the loudest and most durable speaker you will find for its size. Offering ridiculous levels of volume for its small frame you will not be disappointed with this product. If you are looking a small portable Bluetooth speaker with BIG sound look no further than the UE Boom.


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