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Ultrasone PRO 900 Review | Speaker Authority

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Ultrasone PRO 900 Review

Within our Ultrasone PRO 900 review, we will analyze the specific S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-back model. Here we will give an overview of features and the public’s opinion. Overall, after our research, we discovered these headphones are an excellent choice for those thinking about buying a headphone set in the high-ranged price.

Price level: High range- Check Current Price Here



Foldable-These headphones fold up to fit in a very compact space. This makes them a great option for those who want a set that does not take up too much room. It makes it a wonderful option for those who travel often and students.

Travel case-With the included hard, sturdy carrying case, they are better protected from spills, drops, and other mishaps. With this sort of investment in headphones, you definitely want to keep them safe and as protected as possible.

Dynamic Principle-Ultrasone PRO 900 headphones are closed-back.

Style-They are over the ear for maximum sound and comfort.

Large frequency range– These headphones can pick up frequencies anywhere from 6-42,000Hz.

Surround Sound-Movies and games can be experienced more immersively, giving a more in depth, realistic approach. It helps listeners to feel as if they were in the scene.

High quality drivers-40 mm Titanium for excellent sound.

Low radiation-Ultra Low Emission MU-Metal shielding included for ultimate protection against rays.

Single cord-These headphones only have one cord, reducing knots and kinks. Those who dislike attempting to unravel headphones will love this feature. It is an Ultra Soft Cable. This cable is connected to Neutrik connectors.

Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Review

Public Opinion

To find both the highs and the lows of this product, we went through hundreds of reviews. After analyzing these carefully, we picked the most commonly mentioned things. The best way to find out if a product is right for you is to know both the upsides and the downsides. This helps give a realistic view and expectation. Surprises can be fun, but when it comes to products, you want to know exactly what you will receive. Product descriptions, while helpful, fall short of knowing what other’s experiences were. We try our best to present a fair, balanced view, presenting both the positives and the negatives of every product.

The Good



  • Customers were extremely pleased with how comfortable these were. It fit snugly, but without smashing ears or putting too much pressure. Reviewers said they can wear them for hours on end without ears feeling sore. Not only that, the velour pads help ears keep cool. Even though the headphones are not very heavy, they are still sturdy. This means comfort is not replacing quality.


  • Users reported sound as bright, crisp, and clear. Many were impressed with the bass, describing it as having high definition and authority. In fact, the bass was the most praised aspect of these headphones. Some said they would buy these for the bass alone. Mids and highs were not overpowering, nor shrill. In other words, the sound is well balanced, although the bass is undoubtedly the best quality of this set. These headphones were praised for their surround sound. Many loved using them for movies and video games for this very reason. It helps give an in-depth, realistic experience.

Studio use

  • Reviewers suggested these would be an excellent choice for those who produce music. These headphones help to catch flaws and errors that other headphones don’t pick up. Some noticed flaws they had not caught before on other sets, even after listening to their piece innumerable times. This is why they are also perfect for DJs or anyone who needs to be meticulous when it comes to quality sound.


  • These are an ideal purchase for those who want a pair of headphones that do not take up much space. A great aspect is that these will fold into a compact bundle for easy storing and carrying. This is terrific for those who are on-the go, such as students and travelers. You will love Ultrasone PRO 900 headphones if you want an over the ear set that can be taken everywhere.


The Bad


Wear in time

  • Many reviewers warned others not to judge the headphones on the first listen. At first, there is pointed treble. The wear in time, or “burn in time” was noted to be around 100 hours. Quality sound requires patience. For these, there will be a lot of this patience involved, but in the end, many decided this wear in time was well worth the high quality sound. Good things come to those who wait.

Short cord

  • Some users wished the cord was just a little bit longer.


Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-back Headphones

Bang For Your Buck

Many reviewers reported these headphones to be the best within their price range. Those who compared them to other sets found the Ultrasone PRO 900 to have overall better sound. Anyone looking for a top-quality set in the higher price range should definitely consider these. These work especially well for DJ’s, and audiophiles alike. Gamers and movie lovers also had great experiences, and loved feeling other worlds come alive.


Ultrasone PRO 900 FAQs

Do these headphones require an amp, or can they be run off  of phones and laptops?

  • While an amp may help to better your experience by a small degree, it is not necessary.

How much do these headphones weigh?

  • They weigh 2.6 pounds.

What is the frequency range?

  • The frequency range is 6-42,000 Hz.

What are the driver specs?

  • 40mm Titanium-plated.

What color are these headphones?

  • These headphones have a black headband and black ear cups, but silver on the outside of the cups.


The Verdict

There can be no doubt that these are high quality headphones. With the surround sound aspect, the bass, and bright, clear sound are all the more impressive. Not only that, but the superb comfort makes these ideal for those who find their ears irritated after long uses. In the end, these are overall a fantastic choice if you are looking in the higher price range.


Ultrasone PRO 900 Headphones Review

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