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Urban Beatz Headphones Review | Speaker Authority

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Urban Beatz Headphones Review

Throughout our Urban Beatz Headphones review, we will be analyzing the Tempo Stereo model. This review will cover the features this device offers to its users as well as the consensus public opinion on these headphones. We found through the course of our research that these headphones from Urban Beatz are a great option if you are looking for good quality headphones at a mid-ranged price.



Price Level: Mid-Range – Check Current Price Here



Lightweight – These headphones are easily portable due to their lightweight. Weighing only 11.2 ounces users will have no trouble carrying these headphones around for the day.

Auxiliary Input – These headphones feature a 44”- 3.5mm auxiliary input cord for plugging into your phone, computer, or laptop making them accessible to non-Bluetooth devices.

Adjustable Headband- Control your own comfort with an adjustable headband.

Attractive- The black and yellow are very desirable colors and make these headphones really stand out amongst the crowd of expensive name brands.

Comfort- the Tempo Stereo Headphones by Urban Beats offer unsurpassed comfort that other brands at near the same price can’t compete with

Urban Beatz Headphone Review

Build and Fit

The Tempo Stereo Headphones by Urban Beatz are built for comfort. They are over the ear fit and we found these speakers to be quite comfortable as did many of the consumer reviews we came across when researching the Tempo Stereo Headphones by Urban Beatz.  And at the price they are a steal.


Public Opinion

In this portion of our review, we look to gain a better understanding of the consumer thoughts of this product. We feel that to truly get the best understanding of the product we should understand how the average consumer received it. To do this we analyzed hundreds of consumer reviews both good and bad to find out more about the Tempo Stereo Headphones by Urban Beatz. We have summarized the thoughts of consumers into the major themes we saw throughout our research. Here is what the consumers had to say.


The Good

Visually Pleasing

  • Reviewers seemed to be quite happy with the visual aspect of these speakers. They were compared in look to some of the higher end products.  Many customers couldn’t get over how good they looked for the price.

Sound Quality

  • Users were quite impressed with the sound quality that the Tempo Stereo Headphones by Urban Beatz offer. Though the sound quality is not quite as a good a three hundred dollar Bose headphones, these headphones still offer some good sound quality and users who owned other high end brands stated they didn’t notice much drop in sound quality.


  • For the quality and look of the headphones customers were more than excited about the price inexpensive of these headphones.




The Bad

Bass Volume

  • Customers stated that the bass was not as they had hoped for.



All in all, users were quite positive in their consumer reviews of this product. With the major benefits of this product coming from theses headphones durability, sound quality, and affordability. If you want a pair of headphones that will sit comfortably on your head all day than these Urban Beatz Tempo Stereo headphones are a great option… There were very few flaws we noticed throughout our research as the only recurring issue we saw was not so much sound quality, but bass quality.

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Bang for Your Buck

The Tempo Stereo Headphones by Urban Beatz are a great value purchase for anyone looking for a mid-range priced pair of headphones. The sound quality and durability of these speakers are quite good and worth much more than this device’s price tag. Though there are some headphones that will offer a higher quality of sound they are priced more by several hundred dollars. With these Urban Beatz headphones you will not be paying for the brand name like you would with some luxury brands. The Tempo Stereo headphones by Urban Beatz are a great value purchase and we believe they are a steal for their quality.





Urban Beatz Headphones FAQ’s

How long is the auxiliary cord?

44” long which is great for plugging to a phone in your pocket.

Can I connect them to my computer?

Yes, they work great on any desktop or laptop either through the use of Bluetooth or the auxiliary input.


The Verdict

In conclusion, we highly recommend the Tempo Stereo from Urban Beatz. With great durability and sound quality, it’s hard to go wrong with these headphones. Though there are cheaper headphones and there are higher quality headphones the Tempo Stereo headphones by Urban Beatz offer a good quality product for a mid-tier price. If you are shopping for a quality and durable pair of Headphones offered at a fair price than the Tempo Stereo headphones are a great choice.

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