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V-MODA Crossfade LP Review | Speaker Authority

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V-MODA Crossfade LP Review

In this review, we will be analyzing the V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-the-Ear headphones.  We will cover the features and performance of this headphone as well as the consensus of what the customers thought of this product.  Throughout the course of our research, we found that these V-MODA Crossfade headphones are an excellent choice if you are looking for a durable headphone with a great quality sound without having to pay for the top priced headphones. It sounds excellent on electronic/rap/hip hop, and you can also show off your style with its many customizable options.


Price Level: Mid Range – Check Current Price Here


Trusted Sounds – V- MODA crossfade delivers immersive 3D soundstage  that evokes the experience of live performance with vibrant bass and ultra wide clarity. This superior  sound is created by a masterly crafted material 50mm dual-diaphragm driver that separate the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs.  It also naturally cut out the distraction of outer noise with its  memory foam ear cushion and immerse the sound for you without bothering others.

Durability – This headphone has a virtually indestructible STEELFLEX headband, that was tested beyond military level quality. It also has a steel frame and an interchangeable aircraft grade metal shield.  The Kevlar reinforced cables are seriously durable and the plug can bend over 1 million times, which is 100 times industry standard.

Detachable Cables – Users are able to control their calls, music and volume with these headphones via the 3-Button Mic Cable. It also has an extended length audio-only cable and a universally compatible adapter. An optional SpeakEasy Mic cable is specially tuned for voice recognition and calls in the noisiest environments.

Lightweight – These headphones are easily portable due to their 260 gr weight. It lets you listen to your music comfortably for longer period.

Customizable Options – There are several different options to show off your individual style, including custom shield kits, cable and memory foam cushion.


Build and Fit

These V-MODA headphones are built for comfort.  It has ergonomic headband and hexagon shape that minimize the force on your head and ears. These headphones are over the ear fit, which is deemed more comfortable than the in ear fit one. Some users stated that the design does not work as well if you have big head or if you are wearing glasses, as the pressure hurts you after a while. However most customer reviews stated  otherwise and we found these headphones to be quite comfortable. These headphones are adjustable, so some adjustment might need to be made to make sure that you have a most comfortable setting. There were also some concern regarding the durability of the product as some customers stated in their reviews. However, we took comfort on the warranty. Each Crossfade LP is backed by a 1-Year Premier Warranty and a V-MODA Immortal Life Program, where you get 50% off a replacement for a lifetime.

 V-MODA Crossfade LP headphone review

Public Opinion

In order to gain a better understanding of the public opinion of this headphones, we analyzed hundred of consumer reviews from the internet. We have summarized their thoughts for you. Here is what the they had to say.


The Good

Sound Quality

  • Users were quite impressed with the sound quality that the V-MODA Crossfade LP headphones offer. These headphones offer good sound quality for the money. Many customers stated that the music sounded great from the start, and did not need any  “broken-in” to sound good. Also the tone does not sound “muddy” , and there is clear separation between low, mids and highs.

Visually Pleasing

  • One of the major themes we noticed  during our analysis of customer reviews were the comments about the headphone’s stylish looks. Reviewers seemed to be quite happy with look of these headphones.  Most customers stated that it looks cool, very nice and stylish. With a sleek and somewhat industrial design, this headphone is suitably stylish to go to the gym, library or even trendy cafe.

High Durability

  • The super durable, nearly indestructible skeleton was also a major theme of the customer reviews.  The durability of these over ear headphones never ceased to amaze the customers. A customer wrote a review after 3 years of heavy use, that the headphones still looks good and intact. Another customer jokingly mentioned that this headphone will only break if he threw the headphone out of his window to be run over by a truck. The durability of these headphones allow for users to complete workouts, runs, and other activities without having to worry about damaging them.


The Bad

Size and Design

  • Some user reviews stated that these headphones were a bit tight for their comfort.  Although it is adjustable, the toughness/firmness of the headband make it harder to adjust. It’s probably more suited for a customer with a smaller head. A customer also stated that unless you invest on better cushion, it can get uncomfortable with extended wear.



  • Some user reviews stated that these headphones’ inline mic cable is not compatible with many android phones. However, this problem can be overcome by purchasing an adapter.


In general, customers were quite positive in their reviews of this product. The real attraction of this product come from its  durability, sound quality, and stylish design. V-MODA crossfade LP headphones are a great option for those of you that want a durable, stylish and quality sound without having to pay for the top range headphones. V-MODA crossfade LP headphones have very few flaws we noticed throughout our research.  The issue of tightness and fit, fortunately, can be solved by adjusting the headband setting. Many customers stated that they get better fit over time, due to usage.

V-MODA Crossfade LP

Bang For Your Buck

V-MODA crossfade LP headphones are a great value purchase for anyone looking for a mid-range priced decent headphones. The sound quality, design and durability of these headphones are quite impressive for its price tag. Of course, there are many other better headphones in the market that offer a better quality sound, but they are also priced a lot more. The trade off is clear. The V-MODA crossfade headphones are a great value purchase for those who can not afford the top range priced ones.


V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones FAQ’s

  1. My headband is too tight, what can I do?
    To relieve the pressure, you can stretch the headband by bending it outwards (placing hands on the ends of the headband – not the ear cups). You may repeat this process until you’re happy with a looser fit. You can also bend the headband inwards to make a tighter fit.
  2. I’m only getting sound out of one ear on my headphones? What should I do?
    First, try both cords (if provided), making sure the 45-degree angled plug is plugged into your device andnot your headphones. Second, test the headphones on multiple devices if possible. If the problem persists, please fill out our warranty form.
  3. My 1-Button SpeakEasy cable play/pause button won’t work, what should I do?
    Make sure you have the 45-degree plug inserted into your device (phone, tablet, iPod, etc), and the straight end plug inserted into your headphones. You may also want to make sure your headphone socket on your device is clean and clear of any debris.


The Verdict


We highly recommend these over the ear Crossfade headphones from V-MODA.  We would recommend them to anyone who is interested in picking up a pair of decent headphones at a decent price. The durability, design and sound quality are the keys, and the Crossfade have them all. V-MODA Crossfade LP headphones are a great headphone choice to consider.

V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones Review


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