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I Venstar Taco Review | Speaker Authority

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I Venstar Taco Review

What is the best inexpensive Bluetooth speaker on the market? That’s tough to call but a case can most definitely be made for the I-Venstar Taco Bluetooth speaker.  Throughout our I Venstar Taco Review we found that this device was able to emit high quality sound that is not often seen in Bluetooth speakers. This wireless speakers unique taco shape visually separates it from the rest of the competition but as you will see throughout this review it is not the only factor that distinguishes this incredible little speaker from the crowd.

Price Level: Inexpensive – Check Current Price here


  • Bluetooth compatible – This means this speaker can match up with any Bluetooth device you have, be it a tablet, computer or cell phone.
  • Built in Microphone – This will allow users to make hands-free calls through the speaker itself.
  • Ultra portable – This speaker can be brought with you just about anywhere weighing in at only 1.25 pounds
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Powerful sound – The speaker is able to reach quite clear highs as well as a deep booming base.

I Venstar Wireless Speaker review

Public Opinion

This section of the review weighs into account the customer reviews of this product. We here at Speaker Authority cater towards music lovers and not sound engineers so who better to hear from than the regular consumers like yourselves. We read over hundreds of consumer reviews in order to determine what the users really think. Overall, consumers were quite pleased with this speaker as it averaged a rating fo 4.2/5 stars on amazon between its 679 reviews. All in all the majority of users, an incredible 69 percent rated this speaker five out of five stars. Here are a few comments they had about this wireless speaker

The Good

  • Very loud – Many reviewers commented on the incredible amount of audio this device is able to output for its size.
  • Deep Bass – Several users were originally skeptical of a speaker of this size having the capability to play heavy bass. This fear was quickly dismissed as we noticed many users stated the bass capabilities as one of the most impressive aspects of the speaker.
  • Long Battery Life – Reviewers often commented on how the speaker held up to the 8 hour battery length that I-Venstar advertises with this speaker
  • High-Quality Sound – Many users spoke of the surprisingly high quality of sound this speaker displays with many saying the quality is just as good as their higher end speakers from highly regarded brands such as Bose.
  • Great Bluetooth Range – Users stated the great Bluetooth range offered with this device, meaning they could connect their phone to the speaker from fairly large distances.
  • Portability – Many users talked about the great portability of this speaker especially with the zippered case that comes with the speaker to protect it from the elements

I Venstar Taco Review

The Bad

  • No real concerns with this model


All in all the consumers of this speakers seemed quite pleased with the product. Many liked the portability and design of the speaker but the far and away most appreciated feature was the speakers sound quality. It was mentioned time and time again throughout the reviews that this speaker was able to offer great sound quality despite its small price. Though there were some users which stated the product did not live up to their expectations, these comments were quickly followed up by the Venstar support team and the users were offered a full refund.


Bang for your Buck: 

The I-Venstar Bluetooth speaker is a great value purchase for consumers looking for a quality durable speaker for home and travel use. The features and quality of this product are quite incredible for its thirty dollar price tag. You will have trouble finding a speaker at this price point that will offer the features and sound quality of the I-Venstar Taco portable speakers.


I-Venstar Taco Bluetooth Speaker FAQ’s

Will this work with a portable DVD player?

Yes this speaker has a 3.5mm jack so any Auxillary cord can be used with this device to attach to the speaker.

Can this speaker be Used while charging?

Yes use while charging will have no negative effects on the speaker

Does this speaker have independent volume control?

Yes this speaker’s volume can be adjusted with the buttons on the back.



If you cannot tell already from the review we here at Speaker Authority think this is a great product. We have reviewed many portable speakers and we believe this is one of if not the best compact Bluetooth speaker at this price range. The I-Venstar Taco’s durable quality design and its ability to put out some quality sound separates it from the majority of Bluetooth speakers on the market. If you are looking for an inexpensive, portable, and quality speaker the Taco Bluetooth speaker is a great choice.

Check it out at Amazon.com

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