Devil May Cry 5 Review

Devil May Cry 5

The Devil May Cry series has become one of the finest and most successful Capcom ventures since the early 2000s. It brought in millions of hack-and-slash video game fans, and that’s no surprise since it’s one of the greatest franchises for lovers of virtual demon hunting!

Inspired loosely by Dante’s Divine Comedy, this action series has given fans some of the most innovative gameplay in the horror genre. It offers fast-paced combat, awesome attacks, and incredible level design. And in 2019, the highly-anticipated fifth installment in the series was released.

Devil May Cry 5 managed to wow fans and critics with much grittier gameplay. At the core are three impressive playstyles with unique stories. The improved combat systems have been praised as some of the best ever released. So keep reading to see our honest take on this game in the full Devil May Cry 5 review.

The New and Spectacular Devil May Cry

The story of the fifth mainline installment (and sixth overall) begins a few years after the story of DMC 4. The protagonists are Dante and Nero, along with V, an entirely new and quite mysterious character. Aided by demonic powers and abilities, they need to save the world of the living from Urizen, the Demon King.

Overall, the game has been praised as the pinnacle of the genre due to its innovative mix of three playable characters with unique stories. In fact, the characters’ stories are so thoroughly developed that each feels like its own game.

Devil May Cry 5

Other aspects that blew fans’ minds are new “photo-realistic” graphics and stunning fighting styles. Above all, this installment has managed to capture the feel of the previous games while improving on the very thing it’s best at — combat. Namely, Devil May Cry games have never been about brutally killing every single demon. They focused more on artistic and creative moves in a visually stunning dance of guns, swords, and blood. Plus, the plot of the new game is infinitely entertaining. The latest edition has already been called the best in the series by many critics.


The new installment contains approximately 20 missions. Some of them take around 20 minutes to complete, while others are much longer, at approximately 40 minutes. In total, the game lasts about 14 hours, but there are secret missions and various challenges that double the playtime.

So it’s best to take your time with this game and not just speed through it. You’ll have tons of fun exploring the stories and secret missions, hunting for the Orbs and going through other special challenges. Additionally, the series’ fantastic DLC Bloody Palace mode was released for this installment in April 2019. It’s a survival mode that extends the gametime and offers additional gaming options.


In terms of the game’s functionality, director Hideaki Itsuno set out to create graphics with a “photo-realistic” style as well as a 60 fps frame rate across all platforms. The game was released on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. What’s more, Itsuno wanted this installment to be the best ever in the series, and you can surely see that when you start it up.

Fans of the older games in the series will feel at home with this one due to familiar gameplay. However, the three gameplay modes for each character truly add plenty of depth and options, especially during combat.

While fighting swarms of twisted demons, you can use various weapons and combat styles. The game grades the combat (e.g., combo attacks, dodging, move types), and the player gets a style-rating. As your combat advances, the music will change too, which is quite a neat feature. Furthermore, players can upgrade their abilities, and only one of the three characters can be played per mission.


As for the controls, one button is designated for ranged and melee attacks, and another is used for the style technique, cane attack, and the Devil Breaker (Nero’s mechanical arms). Of course, they’ll change based on the character.

With the normal difficulty, the controls are enough to get you through the game, but there’s much more you have to do while fighting. The game has a fun “auto-assist” mode, which will create automatic moves and impressive combos. Of course, the goal is to transcend the typical button-mashing skills and get to an advanced technical level. That’s where this action game will give you creative freedom and a lot of depth. To hone your skills, you can also enter the Void, which is the game’s practice mode. It will help you get to that SSS (Smokin’ Sexy Style) ranking quickly.

Devil May Cry 5

Moreover, there are three tool sets that change according to each character. Plus, in the game’s menu, there’s a cool feature that was previously available in the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4. Namely, you can use real money to buy orbs and upgrade your character. Although it’s not a compulsory feature of the game, it’s a great addition if you wish to upgrade your character quickly.

Characters and Combat

Dante, Nero, and V all include some awesome moves, weapons, kill scenes, and more.

The demon hunter Dante, for instance, uses four different styles along with four sets of ranged and melee weapons, a motorbike, and buzzsaw swords. His moves and weapons are similar to those in DMC 4 but have been tweaked extensively.

Moreover, Nero has his Red Queen blade, Blue Rose gun, an arsenal of Devil Breakers (the Punchline breaker is just epic), and a grapple.

Lastly, the new character V is genuinely unique since he uses familiars to fight instead of him.

There are three of them — Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare. All of them come with gory and satisfying moves that can do a lot of damage to the demons. However, the familiars can’t kill the enemies, and you have to finish them off with V’s cane while teleporting. It can be tricky to play with V since you can’t fully control the familiars. Nevertheless, as you can imagine, V’s kill sequences are infinitely impressive here. Plus, his story is quite mysterious, and the reveal at the end gave us quite a shock, but that’s something players will need to find out by themselves.

Our Take

After the fantastic Resident Evil 7, the RE2 remake, and Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has undoubtedly proven that they are back in their prime with this new game.

DMC 5 is undoubtedly among the best in the series, and that’s due to the excellent combat options, a thrilling story, fantastic graphics, and endlessly fun gameplay. It takes some dedication to master it truly, but the game gets even more entertaining as the difficulty increases. So check it out today, and we guarantee you’ll be highly impressed!