Samsung MM55 Series 3.1 Soundbar Review

Samsung MM55

Soundbars have become an essential component in TV and home theater audio setups. Many TVs have lackluster built-in speakers, and soundbars intend to remove the clutter and eliminate the costs of conventional speaker setup. There are many new products in the soundbar niche, and the Samsung MM55 Series 3.1 (HW-MM55/ZA) stands out as a medium-priced variant that offers incredibly balanced and dynamic home audio for movies, TV shows, sports games, and music. Keep reading to see our full review of the Samsung MM55 Series 3.1 soundbar. 

Samsung MM55 Series Overview

Featuring 3.1 Channel surround sound via Bluetooth and 340W of power, the MM55 Series 3.1 soundbar offers a hassle-free way to get instant high-quality audio for your 4K TV. Moreover, its one-touch control allows for intuitive operation, and you can control it with a Samsung TV remote. For anyone looking for a convenient upgrade over those muffled and bulky speakers of their home entertainment system, this soundbar system will be perfect.

Samsung’s HW-MM55 3.1 channel 340W soundbar includes an active subwoofer (also wireless), resulting in depth, clarity, a punchy midrange, and warm lows. Additionally, the wireless rear speaker is combined with the soundbar’s center channel, which puts out crystal-clear and transparent speech.

The sum of the two results in an optimized, balanced, yet quite powerful audio experience with superb surround sound expansion.


Samsung MM55 provides 340 watts of total power, wireless connectivity, and a thin yet sleek enclosure that will fit in your entertainment room without diverting too much attention. 

Plus, the product’s metal casing mirrors some of Samsung’s higher-end models like the HW-N550. In fact, regarding technical specifications, there is very little that separates the MM55 from more expensive models such as the HW-N550 which are almost twice the price. 

While higher-end soundbars will cost you around $250 to $400, the MM55 is priced a little under $180. Overall, those who are looking for a relatively affordable system that won’t sacrifice audio quality for the price will definitely be pleased.

Raising the Bar

Compatible with Dolby Digital and released in June 2019, the MM55 3.1 is one of Samsung’s newest products in the soundbar range. 

Other features include HDMI connectivity, which will let users play a wider range of audio higher-quality formats. And on top of TV connectivity, this speaker system also allows audio streaming via Bluetooth. That way, you can link your phone or another Bluetooth-compatible device to it and play music and audiobooks. 

The big plus here is that the audio is certainly comparable to portable Bluetooth speakers in a similar price range, for example, the JBL Charge 3. However, this soundbar offers a different experience due to its surround sound and subwoofer. 

Samsung MM55

What’s more, the subwoofer and bar combination provides a unique blend for music which eliminates some of the aggressiveness of regular Bluetooth speakers while adding a 3D-like depth to the audio. It’s certainly a versatile product, and regarding performance, it definitely delivers.


The MM55’s 3.1 Channel surround sound capabilities will be more than enough for most entertainment needs. It performed incredibly well for music, TV shows, and movies, especially when put to the test with a Game of Thrones episode and “A Star is Born.” Both of these required superb audio for music as well as clear dialogue and the MM55’s performance was incredibly impressive. 

However, one of the MM55’s drawbacks is that it’s a bit on the hefty side, with a weight of around 27 pounds. Granted, it’s intended to be placed underneath a TV screen or mounted to a wall. But its width is approx. 43 inches, which means the bar will suit any medium to a large screen. What’s more, the minimalistic and stealthy aesthetics will blend in nicely with your living room.

The Best Budget Sound Bar? 

The 340W of power ensures plenty of headroom, and you won’t notice a lot of harmonic distortion. Also, when pushed, the bass will not get too muddy while the highs will stay moderately pleasant. It can surely fill the room with your favorite music! Furthermore, the depth, range, and wide stereo image of this speaker system is surely the defining feature of this product, especially when you consider the price. What’s more, the ability to connect wirelessly and play your favorite music through the wireless subwoofer and the bar is a great feature. Plus, its cinematic audio experience will allow you to feel the action of your favorite movies and TV shows!

Overall, the Samsung 3.1 channel 340W HW-MM55/ZA soundbar offers impressively good value for money. If you’re looking for an affordable soundbar that offers a high-end experience and hassle-free performance, definitely add the Samsung MM55 Series 3.1 HW-MM55/ZA to the top of your list!

Samsung MM55 Series 3.1 Specifications

Brand Samsung
Weight 27.1 lbs
Dimensions 43.3 x 18.3 x 10.7 in
Model HW-MM55/ZA
Wattage 340W
Speaker Type Soundbar, Subwoofer
Surround Sound 3.1 Channel surround sound 
Wall-Mountable Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth, HDMI Type A
Release Date 2019-06-06